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5 Tips for Your Immigration Interview

Many immigration applications require an immigration interview. The interview allows U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services officers to speak to applicants personally to verify important information about the applicant and the application to determine if the applicant is eligible and if the document is accurate. Many USCIS visas and benefits require an in-person interview, including a green card, marriage or fiancé visa, an H-1B visa, naturalization and many other family and business-based immigration visas. Naturally, many individuals are very nervous about the immigration interview, and have a lot of anxiety and stress waiting for the interview.

Here are five tips for immigration interviews that apply to just about every type of visa or service.

5 Tips for Your Immigration Interview

1. Dress The Part 

The immigration interview is a formal legal process. You don’t need to wear a suit, but you should look like you take this meeting seriously. Wear slacks or chinos and a button-down sweater for men, and a skirt or dress pants with a blouse or sweater for women. Jeans are acceptable, but avoid jeans with trendy holes or tears.

2. Don’t Be Late – Arrive Early

USCIS probably won’t let you in the building until 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time, but don’t take chances on traffic or the unknown. Be prepared and arrive early

3. Be Prepared to WAIT

Once you get into the building, you may have to wait several hours before your interview begins. A scheduled appointment time does not guarantee the interview will begin at the scheduled time. But don’t be late – see #2: Arrive Early.

4. Don’t Worry If Your Interview Number Is Skipped

USCIS does not call the numbers in order. Do not worry if you hear a much higher number called before yours – you did not miss your appointment. This is normal at USCIS interviews.

5. Sit Close to the Doors Where USCIS Officers Come Out

If you are sitting close by the doors where the immigration officers enter the waiting room and call out the numbers, you’ll hear the numbers. In a large crowded room with people talking, you don’t want to miss your appointment because you didn’t hear your number.

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