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Deportation Appeal Fee to Increase 1000% | Mario Godoy | Chicago Immigration Lawyer

Deportation Appeal Fee to Increase 1000%

The Department of Justice (DOJ) is considering a new proposal to increase the deportation appeal fee for an immigrant to appeal their deportation by nearly 1000%: from the current $110 to $975 to request an appeal by an immigration judge ruling, or $895 to request a case be reopened or reconsidered by the Board of Immigration Appeals.

Impacts This Fee Has on Migrant Families

Experts believe fee increases will impact many immigrants’ ability to obtain legal status and protections, reports Buzzfeed:

“They are essentially depriving people of the right to appeal — that is big money. It’s a substantial increase of fees that’s beyond the reach of people,” said Rebecca Jamil, a former immigration judge in San Francisco.

If the deportation appeal fee rate hike goes into effect, immigrants will still be eligible to apply for fee waivers for financial hardship. The Trump administration has promoted new policies to limit both legal and illegal immigration. Proposed new agency regulations do not go into effect immediately and include a 30 – 60-day comment period.

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