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DHS Proposes Changes to B-1 in Lieu of H Policy | Chicago Immigration Attorney Mario Godoy

DHS Proposes Changes to B-1 in Lieu of H Policy

The U.S. State Department (DOS) published a federal notification on October 21 that proposes to make changes to its existing visa regulations under which foreign professionals who fall under H-1B visa categories will not be issued a temporary visa for business, as has been widely prevalent currently. The government wants to end the B-1 in Lieu of H Policy to eliminate the current option to obtain a B-1 visa “in lieu of” an H-1B specialty occupation or H-3 trainee visa. It would end the current practice of allowing foreign nationals to enter the U.S. on a B-1 visa to perform short-term H-1B services in limited circumstances while remaining on a foreign payroll.

The DOS notification said it

“would no longer authorize issuance of B-1 visas for certain aliens classifiable as H-1B or H-3 nonimmigrants, commonly referred to as the ‘B-1 in lieu of H’ policy, unless the alien independently qualifies for a B-1 visa for a reason other than the B-1 in lieu of H policy.”

The proposed H-1B changes will impact firms who send their technology professionals to the United States on B-1 visas for short stays to complete the jobs in the U.S. There is a 60-day public comment period, ending December 21, 2020. A B-1 visa classification is currently available to foreign nationals to enter the United States and perform legitimate business activities while remaining employed abroad.

Recent H-1B Visa Changes

The government has announced other changes to temporary worker H-1B visa rules in 2020 and 2019:

Tighten H-1B eligibility and impose new obligations on the companies trying to bring foreign workers to fill American job openings

New H-1B Visa Filing Fee

USCIS Implements New Process for 2021 H-1B Lottery

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