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Potential Pitfalls To Your Naturalization Application

There are three ways someone can become a citizen of the United States: either through

1. Birth

2. Derivation

3. Naturalization

Naturalization occurs when a person voluntarily applies to become a permanent U.S. citizen. There are many steps to prepare for naturalization which include:

• Determining eligibility

• Overcoming barriers to ineligibility

• File USCIS Form N-400

• Getting fingerprinted

• Attending a citizenship interview

• Attend an oath ceremony

There are common stumbling blocks and pitfalls to the naturalization process that may seem minor and accidental but are regarded extremely seriously by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

WATCH: Chicago Immigration Lawyer Mario Godoy Shares 7 Potential Pitfalls To Your Naturalization Application


In this video, we’re going to discuss 7 potential pitfalls to your naturalization application.

1. Filing a citizenship application when you are not 18 years old.

2. Any issues with how you obtained your Green Card.

3. Any issues dealing with your legal entry into the United States.

4. Maintaining continuous residents – that’s something that affects people who have extended absences.

5. Your physical presence here in the United States.

6. Any criminal arrests or convictions that are on your record.

7. Tax return filings where you have filed as a non-resident.

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