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2020 Presidential Election |Pres Candidate Elizabeth Warren's Immigration Plan | Immigration Attorney Mario Godoy

Pres Candidate Elizabeth Warren’s Immigration Plan

Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, a Democrat running for United States President in the 2020 elections, announced her immigration plan and priorities if elected president. Warren’s immigration plan was praised by immigration rights advocates and labeled “extreme” by opponents.

A Fair and Welcoming Immigration System

Warren posted her immigration plan on Medium on July 11, saying:

“Donald Trump wants to divide us — to pit worker against worker, neighbor against neighbor. He wants Americans to blame their troubles on those who are new to our country, or who don’t look the same, even as his administration robs us dry. He has tried his best to make it appear that immigrants are not welcome on our shores.

We can be better than this. Americans know that immigrants helped weave the very fabric of our country in the past — and they know that immigrants belong here today.”

An Immigration Plan by Warren

Warren’s Key points of the Warren immigration plan include:

• Decriminalize migration and refocus enforcement on serious criminal activity.

• Separate law enforcement from immigration enforcement to strengthen our communities.

• Remake CBP and ICE in a way that reflects our values.

• Create accountability for the abuse perpetrated during the Trump Era.

• End unnecessary detention.

• Eliminate private detention facilities.

• Expand the executive use of parole and invest in alternatives-to-detention.

• Establish professional, independent Article I immigration courts.

• Eliminate expedited removal and provide due process.

• Reject exclusionary policies based on race, religion and nationality.

• Raise the refugee cap.

• Affirm asylum protections.

• Expand legal immigration.

• Make it easier for those eligible for citizenship to naturalize.

• Reduce the family reunification backlog.

• Repeal the 3- and 10-year bars.

• Provide a fair and achievable pathway to citizenship.

• Limit the penalties considered for status determinations.

• Create an Office of New Americans.

In addition, Warren outlined plans to address the forces displacing migrants from their home countries.

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