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Some Employers Now Offer Immigration Benefits

Some Employers Now Offer Immigration Benefits

Tech and other employers are finding it very hard to find, hire and keep foreign workers. The backlog of immigration applications, increasing immigration fees and the wait time to get approvals are all reasons the businesses are having a difficult time hiring foreign workers. To address labor shortages and immigration obstacles, some employers are now offering immigration benefits to attract and maintain their immigrant workforce. And, these aren’t just tech employers!

  • The California Farm Bureau Federation
    An organization of farmers and ranchers in California began offering immigration benefits in 2021 offering workers obtain citizenship and other immigration benefits. Many of CFBF’s agricultural workers are lawful permanent residents (green card holders).
    C. Bryan Little, director of labor affairs at the California Farm Bureau Federation, said:

“A lot of these people occupy key jobs in these agricultural establishments. We want to give them an opportunity to be able to become an employer of choice in their community.”

  • Amazon
    Amazon.com’s Welcome Door Program offers immigrant benefits to attract and retain workers. In April, the program began providing refugees and humanitarian-based immigrant employees including asylum seekers and offers reimbursement for work permits and legal support for their naturalization applications.
  • BlueHub Capital
    A survey from BlueHub Capital found that about 67% of naturalized citizens borrowed from high-interest sources like credit cards or payday lenders to finance the $725 naturalization fee charged by US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). BlueHub recently launched One Percent America, which offers low-interest loans to help green card holders afford to become citizens.

Fee Waivers

USCIS does offer a fee waiver for financial hardship to process immigration applications for qualified applicants. However, fee waivers are only available to very low income immigrants whose annual income is below 150% of the federal poverty level—roughly $20,000.

Increased Immigration Fees

The Department of State released a proposed rule on December 29, 2021, to raise the fees for several nonimmigrant visas. The last time the State Department increased fees on most nonimmigrant fees was in 2012. The State Department expects the fee increases to go into effect sometime before September 2022.

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