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What Is Person Centric Identity Services (PCIS)?

Person Centric Identity Services (PCIS) was launched by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) on November 4, 2021, as part of their commitment to modernize the immigration system and speed up the wait times for immigration application processing. PCIS is an electronic database that allows individuals to see their immigration history organized in one place for the first time. Authorized users use PCIS to see an individual’s streamlined, consolidated immigration history in one electronic database instead of multiple systems.

PCIS provides a secure online dashboard where users can access information about their immigration status, including:

  • current visa status,
  • application progress and timeline,
  • biometrics appointment date and time,
  • and case details.

Person Centric Identity Services allows immigration applicants to receive alerts on the status of their applications via text or email notifications. PCIS also offers Identity Verification.

According to USCIS, PCIS implemented

“the first digital A-file at the Southwest Border (SWB) by CBP in July 2022. Since that date, approximately 21,000 digital A-files have been created by CBP and passed to USCIS systems through fully electronic processes.”

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