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What To Do If You Are Served a Restraining Order | Chicago Immigration Attorney Mario Godoy

What To Do If You Are Served a Restraining Order

If you are charged with domestic violence, your accuser can request an order of protection that prevents you from going anywhere near them. Commonly known as a Restraining Order, in Illinois, they are properly called an Order of Protection. If you violate the restraining order, you can face serious consequences. An order of protection can also restrict child visitation. If you have an order of protection issued against you, the information is public record and there will be a record of the order in the law enforcement database, which can:

• prevent you from entering your home

• stop all child visitation and custody

• restrict your ability to travel outside of the state or country

• be found on employment or housing background checks

• automatically allows authorities to revoke your Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) card

Orders of protection are issued under the Illinois Domestic Violence Act. You should never ignore or disobey a restraining order.

Protect Your Rights

An Emergency Order of Protection can be issued against you very quickly. If an order of protection has been issued against you, you have legal rights. It is vital that you immediately contact an experienced order of protection defense attorney who can inform you about your rights and your options to fight the order, including having the restraining order against you vacated or removed from the database. An attorney can advise you on what is admissible evidence and relevant information to fight the charges against you.

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Defending you against a domestic violence charge and an order of protection are two separate issues. At Godoy Law Office, we have a team of order of protection defense attorneys in Chicago ready to help you face both charges. If you retain our defense team, we can use a variety of methods to protect you. Please contact our office at 855-554-6369.  

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