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Becoming a permanent resident of the United States is a watershed movement in the lives of many foreign nationals. Regardless of whether you intend to immigrate in the U.S. for a few years or stay here for your whole life, obtaining Legal Permanent Resident (LPR) classification through adjustment of status could allow to work here legally and protect your many rights.

However, not everyone can apply for adjustment of status in Bolingbrook. An eligible petitioner needs to provide substantial documentation and progress through several steps before U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) will present him or her with a green card. Therefore, seeking help from a knowledgeable immigration lawyer can be essential to efficiently navigating the application process and maximizing your chances of a positive outcome.

Who is Eligible for Adjustment of Status in Bolingbrook?

There are a few different ways to apply for an adjustment of immigrant status, but they all share common eligibility criteria. For example, in most cases, an individual seeking LPR status must have a current lawful U.S. resident or citizen—and specifically either a close family member or a prospective employer—sponsor his or her visa petition and begin the application process on his or her behalf.

However, there are a few other ways in which a non-U.S. citizen might qualify to seek a local adjustment of status. For example, an individual fleeing persecution and/or imminent physical harm in his or her country of origin may be eligible for refugee or asylee status, and the victim of human trafficking and/or certain other criminal acts may eventually be able to achieve LPR status after entering the country under a U or T visa. Finally, special programs like the Diversity Visa Lottery might allow an immigrant to enter the U.S. legally and adjust his or her status in the future.

A knowledgeable attorney in Bolingbrook could assess your circumstances to determine whether you are eligible for adjustment of immigration status.

The Adjustment of Status Process

After concluding eligibility, an immigrant can begin the adjustment of status process by filling out Form I-485 and submitting it to USCIS. Direct filing addresses for an individual applying from Bolingbrook may vary based on the type of visa he or she has obtained (or hopes to acquire).

Once USCIS receives and processes an applicant’s Form I-485, the agency will inform the immigrant of where and when to attend a biometrics services appointment, which usually takes place at an Application Support Center. In many cases, an applicant will also need to appear at a USCIS office for an interview before his or her application can be processed. Additionally, USCIS might request additional information if the initial packet submitted by the applicant does not contain enough documentation to prove that he or she can change their status.

The bottom line is that the process of adjusting your immigration status can be rather complicated. Fortunately, a seasoned lawyer in Bolingbrook could help you navigate all the relevant steps and procedures.

A Bolingbrook Attorney Could Help with the Adjustment of Status Process

Obtaining a green card can be a lot more complex than many applicants might first expect. There are numerous different ways this process can go based on an immigrant’s unique background and needs, and minor errors can unfortunately impact an applicant’s chances of success.

Guidance from a seasoned lawyer could be key to ensuring the adjustment of status process in Bolingbrook goes as smoothly as possible. Call the office today to schedule a case evaluation and learn about your options.

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