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New OSHA Rules Protect Immigrant Workers
Mario A. Godoy

Undocumented immigrants are subject to abuse and poor working conditions because they are afraid to report poor working conditions. Immigrant workers ...

How Is The CBP One App Being Used For Immigration?
Mario A. Godoy

CBP One™ is a mobile application that provides access to a variety of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) services. Released in 2020, accordin...

Public Charge New Rule Effective December 23
Mario A. Godoy

USCIS announced that the Public Charge rule will go back into effect on December 23, 2022. The Biden Administration lost its most recent battle to end...

New Venezuela Immigrant Policy Launches Oct 12
Mario A. Godoy

The Biden administration recently extended a program allowing Venezuelans in the United States to legally stay in the U.S. under Temporary Protected ...

Immigration Is Driving U.S. Population Growth
Mario A. Godoy

A new report shows that 2021 had the slowest population growth in U.S. history; the population of the United States grew in the past year by 392,665, ...

Construction Starts on Texas Border Wall
Mario A. Godoy

Texas has officially started construction on the Texas Border Wall to fill in the gaps where the federal wall stops. The 1.7 mile wall stretch will fi...

Chris Magnus Confirmed to Head US Customs and Border Protection
Mario A. Godoy

The Senate on December 7 confirmed Biden nominee Chris Magnus to head up U.S. Customs and Border Patrol. On April 12, President Biden nominated Tucson...

Central American Minors Program To Allow Children to Legally Come to the US Reopens
Mario A. Godoy

The U.S. government began accepting new applications for a program that allows some U.S.-based parents to legally bring their children from Guatemala,...

Immigration Minute 6-21-2021
Mario A. Godoy

In our weekly series Immigration Minute, immigration attorney Mario Godoy gives you the week’s immigration news and updates in 1 minute. Mario shar...

Central American Minors Program Expanded To Reunite Families
Mario A. Godoy

The Biden administration announced on June 15 that it is expanding the Central American Minors program (CAM), designed to let more children and teenag...

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