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Top 5 Most Common Mistakes Filing I-130
Mario A. Godoy

Immigration applications are complex and can have a significant impact on your life. It is important to be careful when filling out these applications...

Citizenship FAQs: What Is The 5-Year Rule?
Mario A. Godoy

What Is The 5-Year Rule? When people say the “5-year rule for citizenship,” they are usually referring to the continuous residence requirement tha...

Citizenship FAQs: Can I Expedite My Citizenship Application?
Mario A. Godoy

Yes, USCIS may expedite the processing of a citizenship application in some situations. To request expedited processing of your citizenship applicatio...

Citizenship FAQs: After I Become A US Citizen, Can My Citizenship Be Revoked?
Mario A. Godoy

Once a person becomes a U.S. citizen, citizenship cannot be easily revoked. However, there are instances in which denaturalization, a process for revo...

New U.S. Citizenship Resources
Mario A. Godoy

U.S. citizenship offers many benefits and securities that are not available to green card holders and nonimmigrants, such as visitors and temporary wo...

How Do Citizenship and Naturalization Apply To Adopted Children?
Mario A. Godoy

USCIS has updated and clarified how citizenship and naturalization provisions apply to adopted children. The new U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Serv...

Why Do Some College Students Need A Citizenship Certificate?
Mario A. Godoy

Congratulations if you’re starting university in the fall. But be aware that if you’ve derived citizenship from your parents, some schools...

Citizenship FAQs: What Documentation Do I Need For The USCIS Interview?
Mario A. Godoy

During the citizenship application process, applicants will have an interview with a U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) officer. At thi...

Are You A Foreign Born US Military Member and Want To Become A Citizen?
Mario A. Godoy

Nearly 20% of the United States Army during WWI was foreign-born. Congress rewarded their service by creating a faster way for immigrant service membe...

Citizenship FAQs: Does Being Unemployed Prevent Me From Becoming a U.S. Citizen?
Mario A. Godoy

Debt, unemployment, bankruptcy and other financial troubles do not prevent a green card holder from becoming a U.S. citizen. In fact, you can apply fo...

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