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The criminal consequences for drunk driving increase with each offense. People facing repeat driving under the influence (DUI) charges or felony DUI charges are looking at huge insurance increases, driver’s license suspensions, heavy fines and incarceration. At Godoy Law Office, our team of Chicago felony DUI attorneys is ready to develop an aggressive defense strategy for:

  • Repeat offenders facing a second DUI charge or more
  • Drivers charged with vehicular homicide
  • People facing felony DUI charges
  • A DUI Causing A Death Can Become Reckless Homicide

If you face charges for causing a drunk driving accident that led to someone’s death, you are looking at serious criminal consequences. Prosecutors do not take reckless homicide charges lightly, and they will look to build a strong case against you. To better protect yourself, you should ally with a team of DUI defense attorneys.

At Godoy Law Office, our firm has skilled criminal defense lawyers who are former assistant state attorneys, which means they have prosecutorial experience and understand how the opposition will look to build a case against you.

We are ready to look at every angle of your case to develop a strong defense strategy and work hard to secure the results you need. These are serious charges that demand aggressive defense.

Aggressive Defense For Felony Drunk Driving Charges

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