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A green card holder is known as a legal permanent resident. A green card holder can become a US citizen in several ways.
First, a minor green card holder can derive automatic US citizenship through the naturalization of legal permanent resident parent. This applies when the green card holder was under the age of 18 at the time of his or her parent’s naturalization.
Second, a green card holder can apply for citizenship through a process called naturalization.
There are numerous requirements to be eligible for naturalization however there are some strict “wait time” requirements. The green card holder must meet the requirement for continuous residence in the United States.
Generally, the continuous residency requirement is 5 years from the date that the person became a green card holder.
However, if the green card holder is married to US citizen then they can apply at the 3 years after becoming a green card holder if: (1) the spouse has been a US citizen for 3 years and (2) both have lived in marital union for the same 3 years.
A green card holder who obtained his or her residency as the battered spouse or child of another US citizen or Legal Permanent resident may also apply 3 years after obtaining his or her green card.
Finally, there are special rules for enlisted military green card holders and their spouses that allow for naturalization without continuous residency. Generally, these applicants may apply for US citizenship after 1 year of service in the Armed Forces.
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