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8 Year Path to Citizenship for Millions of Undocumented Residents
Mario A. Godoy

Congressional Democrats announced an 8-year plan to citizenship for 11 million undocumented residents on February 18, 2021. President Biden’s ne...

Is A 1st Time Offense Ruining Your Future?
Mario A. Godoy

Most people make mistakes, but sometimes the mistakes are serious. If you have a one-time conviction for a crime in your past, it can hurt your future...

Immigration Minute 2-12-21
Mario A. Godoy

In our new weekly series Immigration Minute, immigration attorney Mario Godoy gives you the week’s immigration news and updates in 1 minute. Mar...

Marrying A Foreigner: Fiancé Visa and Marriage Based Petitions
Mario A. Godoy

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with your loved one is a strong American tradition. Couples spend meaningful time together, and on this special day ...

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