A sponsor is the individual who petitions for a family member or other qualifying individual to immigrate to the United States on a permanent basis. In order to petition for that individual, the sponsor must complete an affidavit of support. The affidavit of support remains effective until either the immigrant becomes a citizen of the United States or works in the country for ten years.

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is responsible for overseeing immigration procedures and protocols, many of which can be time- consuming and complicated. An experienced immigration lawyer could assist you with sponsoring an immigrant in Lombard and help guide you through the various steps of the process.

Requirements of a Sponsor

In order to sponsor a relative on an immigrant visa petition, the sponsor must meet the following criteria:

  • The sponsor must be at least 18 years of age
  • The sponsor must be either a citizen of the United States or a legal permanent resident
  • The sponsor must be domiciled in the United States, or in a United States possession or territory

In order to be ‘domiciled’ in the United States or in a United States territory or possession, the sponsor must ordinarily reside there.

Income Requirements for Immigrant Visa Sponsors

All immigrant visa sponsors must meet several income requirements before being able to sponsor an immigrant in Lombard. First, the sponsor must demonstrate that their household income level meets or exceeds 125 percent of the poverty level in the United States based on the sponsor’s household size. For purposes of this calculation, a sponsor’s household size encompasses the sponsor, the sponsor’s dependents, any relatives who reside with the sponsor, and the immigrant(s) for whom the sponsor is petitioning.

Different rules apply for immigrant visa sponsors who are on active duty in the United States Armed Forces, as well as those who are sponsoring a spouse or a child. In this case, the sponsor’s income level need only equal 100 percent of the poverty level in the United States based on the sponsor’s household size.

In some cases, if the sponsor is unable to satisfy the income requirements, they may be able to add in the cash value of their own assets, including money in bonds, stocks, property, or savings accounts. Alternatively, they may be able to add in the sponsored relative’s assets, as well as the assets and incomes of other household members.

Substitute Sponsors

In some cases, if a visa sponsor dies after USCIS approves the visa petition, a substitute sponsor may file a Form I-864 and continue the process in their stead. A substitute sponsor must be the immigrant’s immediate family member by either blood or marriage, which could include parents, a spouse, siblings, children, grandparent or grandchildren, or any of these categories in law.

Any substitute sponsor must also be 18 years of age or older, reside in the United States, and be a legal permanent resident or citizen of the United States. Finally, they must satisfy all the financial requirements applicable to ordinary sponsors.

Contact an Attorney about Sponsoring an Immigrant in Lombard

Immigration regulations can be difficult to understand and apply, which is why help from a lawyer knowledgeable about sponsoring an immigrant in Lombard could be so critical to the success of your case. Call today to set up a consultation and learn everything you need to know to successfully undergo this process.

Sponsoring an Immigrant in Lombard

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