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USCIS Publishes Strategy Fiscal Years 2023-2026

On January 27, 2023, US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) released its strategic plan for the next three fiscal years, from 2023 through 2026. This plan identifies the priorities and how they plan to achieve these goals. Here is a summary of the report, which prioritizes making immigration processes easier, faster and more accessible.

USCIS Progress Report on FY 2022 Goals

The USCIS had the following goals for FY 2022:

  • Strengthen USCIS Fiscal Health and Management
  • Increase Hiring and Improve Employee Morale
  • Promote Efficiency in USCIS Adjudications
  • Deliver on their Humanitarian Mission
  • Strengthen Public Engagement and Improve Customer Service

USCIS accomplishments for FY 2022 were;

  • The US welcomed more than 1 million new US citizens.
  • USCIS developed and implemented a virtual naturalization process for active-duty members of the US military stationed overseas.
  • The US met a growing humanitarian need for those seeking protection or assistance from oppression or violence in other countries, including refugees from Afghanistan.
  • Over 82,000 Ukrainians and immediate family members were paroled into the US under the Uniting for Ukraine (U4U) process.
  • $20 million in grants were awarded to 66 organizations in 35 US states to help lawful permanent residents prepare for naturalization.
  • 87 national engagements were hosted to increase participation and feedback on proposed final rules.
  • Responded to over 179,577 inquiries from Congress, an increase of 150% compared to previous annual averages.

Goal 1: Strengthen the US Legal Immigration System

There are a few key ways that the USCIS plans to strengthen the US legal immigration system. The USCIS aims to reduce wait times for decisions on applications and petitions, increase its capacity to process humanitarian missions, reduce barriers to the legal immigration system, and enhance its ability to identify threats to national security and detect fraud.

Goal 2: Invest in USCIS Workforce

A high-performing organization will depend upon the strength of its workforce. The USCIS is working to hire, attract, and retrain skilled and motivated individuals to drive forward their growth and efficiency.

Goal 3: Promote Effective and Efficient Management and Stewardship

This goal hopes to maximize the agency’s utilization, administration, and dissemination of resources while also determining the best way to allocate these resources in order to meet the organization’s objectives and priorities.

You can read the full report at https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/document/reports/StrategicPlanFY23.pdf

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