What To Do If You Are Picked Up by ICE

Mario A. Godoy

152 people were picked up by ICE during raids in Chicago in June 2019. By the time you get to an ICE detention center, it may be too late. Statistically speaking, only 15-20% will ever speak to an attorney. 

A must watch. This video focuses on:

√ What are your rights if you’re picked up by ICE

√ What to do during questioning by police or by ICE

√ What your family can do to help you.

Know Your Rights

With the latest round of ICE raids, you need to know your rights! Call us if you or a loved one are detained. If you or a loved one are picked up in an ICE raid, you and your family need to move quickly so you can have an attorney advocate next to you. Call the immigration lawyers at Godoy Law Office in Chicago to protect your rights 855-554-6369. 

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