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Delays in the immigration visa process are common. However, this does not mean that an applicant merely needs to wait for a resolution. No matter the exact reason for the delay, it may benefit people to work with a Wheaton immigration lawyer.

Lawyers could work to identify the exact reason for the delay. They could then help people gather any additional necessary information or to contact the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services directly to negotiate a way to get the application moving forward.

Why Might an Application Experience a Delay

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is always the first stop for an immigration visa petition. Whether a person is looking to apply for a green card, wants to establish permanent residency on a work visa, or is looking for a temporary work permit, all applications must flow through this agency.

This simple fact is the root cause of many immigration delays. USCIS deals with hundreds of thousands of applications every year and must take significant steps to verify information, perform investigations, and produce a response. It is inevitable that the occasional applicant becomes lost in the process, though this does not mean an applicant should quit.

How Can Incomplete Information Hinder an Application?

Another major cause of delays is a lack of clear information on an application. Regardless of a person’s motivations for seeking a visa, they must provide accurate information concerning:

  • Their life in their home country
  • Political affiliations
  • Work history
  • Health data

Incomplete data could trigger an investigation that could lead to a significant delay. Suspected fraud or inaccuracies can also result in these holdups. A Wheaton immigration delay lawyer could provide more detailed information about an applicant’s specific reasons for experiencing a delay at the USCIS.

How Could a Lawyer Help Resolve a Delay?

The available steps to resolve a USCIS immigration visa delay depend on the reasons for that delay. If the delay is the result of an administrative error at the USCIS, a Wheaton immigration delay lawyer could help to talk to supervisors at the local office and to interface with the case tracking processes to locate an application. If that application needs no new information, a lawyer could press the USCIS to continue its evaluation process.

Cases where a file meets resistance for lack of necessary information are more complicated. Here, an attorney works to determine what information is incomplete or what data could help the USCIS to complete its evaluation. When the delay involves suspicion of fraud or misinformation, a Wheaton USCIS delay lawyer could help promote a powerful defense against these serious accusations. In short, a Wheaton immigration delay lawyer could help identify the cause of a delay and to take appropriate steps to work towards a solution.

Let a Wheaton Immigration Delay Attorney Work towards a Resolution

Every application for an immigration visa that appears before USCIS must undergo a specific procedure. Failures in this procedure are a common cause of delays and could result in a file becoming lost or forgotten.

Other delays result from incomplete applications or a USCIS investigation under the suspicion of fraud. Here, it may be necessary to submit new evidence or to mount a defense against apparent impropriety.

A Wheaton immigration delay attorney may be able to help you. If your immigration visa application does not appear to be making any progress, contact a Wheaton immigration delay attorney today to learn how he or she might be able to help you.

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