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No matter what kind of case you try to pursue, dealing with U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services or other federal immigration agencies can be complicated and time-consuming. The process could worsen if you are unfamiliar with the exact steps you need to take and the documentation you need to produce. Even a small omission or mistake could result in processing delays that last months or years longer than they should.

Fortunately, a dedicated Lombard immigration lawyer has the experience and expertise necessary to ensure your case proceeds as smoothly as possible. Whether you need help fighting against detention and deportation or handling communications with USCIS, guidance from legal counsel could make all the difference in whether your unique situation ends positively.

Navigating USCIS Rules and Procedures

USCIS processes millions of applications every year submitted by temporary visitors from other countries, prospective immigrants, and various people and entities affiliated with both. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for this agency to take months and sometimes years to finish processing a single petition. Frequent changes in federal policy made by different presidential administrations do not help speed up the system.

Therefore, oversight from a knowledgeable attorney in could be vital in constructing and submitting a comprehensive immigration petition to USCIS and even identifying the type of application you need to complete. More specific aspects that legal representation could help with include:

  • Non-immigrant visa applications for tourists, exchange students, business travelers, and others
  • Immigrant visa applications
  • Sponsorship of prospective immigrants
  • Adjustment of immigration status, either as part of or separate from an immigrant visa petition
  • Applications for asylum or refugee status
  • Applying for naturalized citizenship
  • Compliance with I-9 laws

If an application has been pending for an unreasonable amount of time, legal counsel could determine the cause for a delay, resolve it as proactively as possible, and, if necessary, file a lawsuit in federal court to move the case.

Defending One’s Family from Removal Proceedings

Of course, not every interaction with federal immigration authorities is a positive process initiated by a foreign national. If the American government accuses an individual of violating U.S. immigration law, taking prompt action to defend legal rights may be crucial to preserving long-term prospects.

There are numerous ways to fight against ICE and related federal agencies at all stages of the deportation process. It is always best to begin building a strong defense earlier in the process rather than later. Unlike criminal defendants, immigrants facing removal proceedings are not provided legal counsel by the government, so contacting a skilled and tenacious lawyer in Lombard should be a priority.

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It is rare for cases involving immigration law to be straightforward and easy to resolve. This is especially true if you try to pursue a positive resolution to your case without the knowledge and advice of a dedicated immigration attorney.

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