Helpful Neighbor Nomination

Immigration attorneys at the Godoy Law Office Immigration Lawyers are dedicated to helping individuals and families through the United States immigration process. Immigrating to the United States is a huge decision and often involves navigating through complicated immigration laws. Attorneys at the Godoy Law Office Immigration Lawyers understand leaving your home and moving somewhere completely new can be daunting.

The community you join and the people you surround yourself with are significant when going through such a huge change in your life. Becoming a part of a supportive community can ease this transition, and oftentimes it only takes one person to make a positive impact on a new member of the community.

This being the case, the Godoy Law Office Immigration Lawyers is proud to announce the Helpful Neighbor Nomination! Community members can nominate a neighbor who has gone out of their way to help another neighbor better integrate into the community. The winner of the Helpful Neighbor Nomination will receive a gift card worth up to $300, which he/she can use at the restaurant of his/her choice. The deadline to submit a nomination is September 19, 2022. To nominate a neighbor, fill out the form below! Learn more about previous winners here.

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