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Immigration laws are complex and subject to frequent amendments and changes in interpretation. As such, it is wise to work with an attorney who is prepared to fight for your interests and keep abreast of the optimal strategies to achieve a successful outcome.

A Wheaton immigration lawyer could help you or a loved one with any phase of the immigration process. If you are trying to obtain a green card, renew a visa, obtain citizenship, or fight deportation, it is a good idea to consult an experienced legal advocate early in order to take advantage of the most opportunities available. Even when problems arise, an attorney could help resolve them. En Español.

Obtaining a Visa in Wheaton

The U.S. issues both temporary visas and permanent visas, also known as immigrant visas which enable the holder to obtain a green card to live and work in the U.S. Only a limited number of permanent visas may be granted each year, so competition is often intense. Working with a knowledgeable Wheaton immigration lawyer could help aspiring applicants ensure that they are applying for a visa in the correct category and documenting their eligibility in a persuasive manner.

How are Immigration Visas Granted?

Most visas are granted on the basis of a family connection or employment relationship. An immigration lawyer could help determine which visa categories someone may be eligible for and which ones make the most sense in a particular situation. If a prospective immigrant lacks family or job connections, an attorney could assist with obtaining a visa through the asylum process, status as a crime victim, or other means.

Are Immigrants Subject to Deportation for Alleged Criminal Activity?

Many individuals, even those with lawful permanent resident status, are unaware that they may be subject to deportation buy clonazepam 1 mg online proceedings if they violate even a minor provision of immigration or criminal law. Overstaying or violating the terms of a visa could also provide grounds for deportation. In other cases, someone might face removal proceedings for marriage fraud or providing false documentation.

Regardless of the reason for removal proceedings, those at risk do have options for defense. A Wheaton immigration lawyer could seek out evidence to show that an individual should not be subject to removal or should be granted relief from removal. If the individual is in detention, an attorney could assist in obtaining a release on bond.

Citizenship Applications

What was once a fairly simple process has now grown more complicated. An immigration lawyer in Wheaton could assist with the process of applying for citizenship or follow up with relevant federal agencies to determine the cause of a delay.

In some situations, filing a claim in court may be advisable to prompt the agencies involved to reach a decision on a petition or application for citizenship or the precursor to citizenship, status as a lawful permanent resident. An attorney could also help prepare for interviews and other questioning.

Contact an Experienced Immigration Attorney

Mistakes in an immigration petition, application, or interview could result in delays or denials. Information provided erroneously could be considered fraudulent and mark you as ineligible for a visa or deportation relief. To prevent costly errors, it is wise to seek advice from an immigration advocate with experience.

Working with a Wheaton immigration lawyer could provide peace of mind and help you work toward your goals with minimal delays. To learn more about the advantages a dedicated immigration lawyer could provide in your situation, call now for a confidential consultation.

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