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Obtaining a green card is the goal for many people legally living in the United States or for those who are looking to make a new home in America. Unlike most forms of visas, green cards are permanent documents that allow people to legally live and work anywhere in the United States. Additionally, green card holders could obtain government benefits or serve in the United States’ military.

However, obtaining a green card is rarely a simple process. Usually, a person must have sponsorship from a U.S. citizen relative or receive sponsorship through employment.

A Wheaton green card lawyer could help people who are looking to receive a green card. This includes people who are already legally living in the United States, those who are currently in their home countries, and parties who wish to sponsor a relative or employee for this vital change in immigration status.

What Are the Advantages of Holding a Green Card?

Obtaining a green card confers many advantages over people who have a lesser right to be in the United States. On the simplest level, holding a green card grants people immunity against ICE arrest or subsequent deportation proceedings. It also shields people from having to renew a visa, such as those held by people on work visas, and allows them to establish a more permanent life in the United States. While a common green card requires recertification every ten years, this is still a substantial period of time.

Having a green card also grants people flexibility. Green card holders are able to travel in and out of the country as they please as well as to relocate and change jobs in the United States.

Finally, holding a green card could also help other members of a family obtain this coveted status. Green card holders are able to sponsor family members for green card consideration in the interest of reuniting families in the United States. A Wheaton green card lawyer could help to explain why obtaining a green card could be a vital part of improving a person’s quality of life.

What Forms Must an Applicant Complete to Request a Green Card?

Applying for a green card is never a simple process. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) establishes multiple paths to obtaining this documentation. There are three main paths to obtaining a green card, but all require a person to submit a complete and accurate Form I-485 to initiate the process. These three paths are:

  • Sponsorship from a family member. Immediate relatives of U.S. citizens and green card holders have the standing to apply for a green card. These relatives include spouses, children of U.S. citizens, and parents of U.S. citizens.
  • Sponsorship from an employer. Immigrants who have specialized employment talents, substantial academic achievements, or advanced education may seek a green card linked to a current job offer in the United States.
  • Requesting a green card as an asylum seeker. People who have been living in the United States for at least 12 months under a valid claim of asylum may attempt to transform their legal status into that of a green card.

A Wheaton green card lawyer could help describe the green card application program and to gather the information necessary to complete those applications.

A Wheaton Green Card Attorney Could Help People to Start a New Life in America

Living a legal and permanent life in the United States is the dream of temporary residents and citizens of other countries. However, a person cannot simply show up at a border and request this document. Usually, people must obtain sponsorship through a family member, a job, or apply for a change in status once already legally in the country.

While this process can be complex, the benefits are substantial. A green card holder does not need to fear deportation and could seek employment and government benefits. Additionally, having a green card allows you to sponsor the entry of other relatives into the United States. A Wheaton green card attorney could help to explain the benefits and processes involved in obtaining a green card. Contact an attorney today to learn more.

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