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When your future is at stake you want to work with a firm that doesn’t treat you like another case file. We know this may be your first time going through this process. Our firm focuses on holding your hand through every step of the journey.

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Our immigration attorneys offer assistance in family-based immigration matters to a range of people, including spouses, same-sex couples, fiancés, parents and children. We can also advise immigrants looking to secure status as permanent residents through the process of applying for a green card or citizenship.

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    Common Grounds of Deportation in Immigration Cases

    Although nonimmigrant visas grant people the legal right to be in the United States, their rights may depend on them following certain rules and avoiding various legal violations.

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    Encountering Delays in Immigration

    Is a delay in your immigration case stressing you out? Unfortunately, delays at the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) are somewhat common. Here are some common errors that we see all the time:

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    How Does Inadmissibility Affect Immigration Status?

    Grounds of inadmissibility are reasons that the U.S. State Department and the Department of Homeland Security may decide to deny your request to be admitted into the United States or in some cases, adjust to another legal status. Here are some common grounds of inadmissibility that we see all the time:

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    Immigrants Charged With a Criminal Case

    A criminal charge or conviction can be devastating to your immigration case. In some instances it may mean the end of your ability to remain in the United States. Any time that you are facing pending charges or criminal conviction you should consult with an attorney versed both in immigration and criminal defense.

    As record numbers of legal permanent residents and undocumented immigrants are being deported from the United States, many because of previous criminal convictions, it is increasingly important for immigration attorneys and defense attorneys to understand the immigration consequences of criminal convictions.

    How an Immigration Attorney Can Help

    The increasingly complex rules governing legal admission to and naturalization in the United States has made the immigration process difficult to understand. A skilled immigration lawyer can help you with every part of the process ranging from green cards to deportation and from visas to United States citizenship. To learn more, call today.

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