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Our Lombard immigration attorneys offer assistance in family-based immigration matters to a range of people, including spouses, same-sex couples, fiancés, parents and children.  We can also advise immigrants looking to secure status as permanent residents through the process of applying for a green card or citizenship.

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Common Grounds of Deportation in Immigration Cases

Although nonimmigrant visas grant people the legal right to be in the United States, their rights may depend on them following certain rules and avoiding various legal violations.

The U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) is a comprehensive federal law that deals with immigration, naturalization, and the exclusion of aliens. The INA established numerous grounds upon which an immigrant may be removed from the United States and deported back to their country of origin. After a non-citizen has successfully become a U.S. citizen, they may not face immediate grounds of deportation, barring certain exceptions.

However, an immigrant may face deportation if they violate the terms of their visa, green card or other status. Other grounds for deportation include:

  • Committing marriage fraud
  • Knowingly helping smuggle any alien trying to enter the U.S.
  • Conviction of a crime involving immorality that was committed within five years of residing in the United States
  • Violating travel and documentation restrictions
  • Conviction of child abuse, domestic violence, or child abandonment, at any time after entering the United States
  • Committing human trafficking
  • Conviction of an aggravated felony after entering the United States
  • Conviction for most controlled substances

Even if the immigration authorities believe that the immigrant is deportable, they will not be removed from the country right away. In many cases, the immigrant may defend their case in immigration court. For certain types of deportability, the law may provide legal forgiveness that the immigrant can apply for which can be addressed with the assistance of an Lombard immigration lawyer.


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Encountering Delays in Immigration

Delays at the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) are somewhat common. Long waits often the norm due to the overwhelming amount of applications that the USCIS deals with on a regular basis.

Generally, the USCIS reviews applications in the order they were processed. In some family visa cases the USCIS may take longer to decide on a Form I-130 if the recipient’s priority date will not be current for several years, such as in the case of a brother or sister of a U.S. citizen. This does not compromise their place in the queue because a visa has already been established by their noted “priority date”.

How Does Inadmissibility Affect Immigration Status in Lombard?

The U.S. State Department and the Department of Homeland Security may decide if a person is inadmissible any time they ask for permission to enter or stay in the United States.

Inadmissibility can be used to block a person any time they try to apply for a green card, apply for immigration status, or try to cross the border. For instance, if the person decided to leave the U.S. for a lengthy period, committed a crime, or began receiving public assistance since receiving a green card, they may be found inadmissible.

How a Lombard Immigration Attorney Can Help

The increasingly complex rules governing legal admission to and naturalization in the United States has made the immigration process difficult to understand. A skilled Lombard immigration lawyer can help you with every part of the process ranging from green cards to deportation and from visas to United States citizenship. To learn more, call today.

The First Generation Scholarship

The First Generation Scholarship will award a first generation immigrant or the child of a first generation immigrant $1,000 to be used towards reaching their education goals. If this sounds like you, we want to hear your story. What is it like living in America as a first generation citizen, and how have these experiences shaped you? Visit our scholarship page for additional information about eligibility requirements and the application process.

Helpful Neighbor Nomination

Immigrating to the United States, especially with complex immigration laws, can be a stressful process. Surrounding oneself with a supportive community is essential, and sometimes it takes just one person’s kindness to make an impact. Have you seen a neighbor positively impact another neighbor in their transition into a new community? Nominate them for our Helpful Neighbor Nomination, and they may win a $300 gift card to a restaurant of their choice! Learn more at our Helpful Neighbor Nomination page

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