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Many people come to the United States with hopes of furthering their educations or providing a better life for their families. While a path to citizenship exists for most people, it is not always an easy road to navigate. When your future is at stake you want to work with a firm that does not treat you like another case file. We know this may be your first time going through this process. Our team focuses on holding your hand through every step of the journey.

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Our Services

We offer assistance in family-based immigration matters to a range of people, including spouses, same-sex couples, fiancés, parents and children. We can also advise immigrants looking to secure status as permanent residents through the process of applying for a green card or citizenship.



The pursuit of asylum involves either applying directly through the United States Asylum Office or raising asylum as a defense in deportation legal proceedings. Regardless, to meet the criteria for asylum, strong supporting documentation should be available as well as a convincing in-person interview or court hearing.

Family Based Immigration

Family Based Immigration

Relatives of United States citizens may, in some cases, qualify for lawful permanent residency. One of the most common ways for non-citizens to obtain a U.S. green card is through a family member. However, that does not mean that every relation of a U.S. citizen or permanent resident will qualify.

Citizenship / Naturalization

Citizenship / Naturalization

Obtaining a legal permanent resident green card is the first step for an immigrant to live and work permanently in the United States. Unfortunately, if several perceived immigration criminal activities or violations arouse suspicion, the legal permanent resident status can then be revoked.


Criminal Defense and Immigration

The attorneys at Godoy Law Office represent individuals trapped at the intersection of criminal law and immigration law. As record numbers of legal permanent residents and undocumented immigrants are being deported from the United States, many because of previous criminal convictions.

Deportation Defense

Deportation Defense

Non-citizens and immigrants in the United States face the risk of removal or deportation for failing to adhere to proper protocol. Moreover, removal proceedings can be troubling, stressful, and time-consuming.

Determining Immigration Status

Determining Immigration Status

Many people find U.S. immigration law confusing, so if you have questions about determining immigration status, you are not alone. It can be helpful to consult the U.S. State Department, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) or speak with an immigration lawyer for more guidance on determining immigration status.

Common Grounds of Deportation

Guidance Through the Citizenship/Naturalization Process

Citizenship is the legal status granted to someone born to United States citizens or after a successful naturalization process. Only certain people are eligible for naturalization, including those who are green card holders for three to five years or who meet various military service requirements. Other requirements and exceptions include age, disability status, marital status, and criminal history.

Our dedicated attorneys could help you determine whether you meet the requirements for naturalization and help you overcome any potential obstacles to obtaining citizenship. We could also assist you in ensuring you have all the proper documentation and that your application is error-free to avoid potential delays. Additionally, you will need to pass an interview as well as a two-part exam. Our team could make sure you are prepared with what to expect and have any study materials you need. If you meet the requirements for naturalization, the estimated timeline from filing your citizenship application to attending the Oath of Allegiance ceremony is currently ten months.

Defending Against Immigrant Deportation

Although nonimmigrant visas grant people the legal right to be in the United States, their rights may depend on them following certain rules and avoiding various legal violations.

The U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) is a comprehensive federal law that deals with immigration, naturalization, and the exclusion of aliens. The INA established numerous grounds upon which an immigrant may be removed from the United States and deported back to their country of origin. After a non-citizen has successfully become a U.S. citizen, they may not face immediate grounds of deportation, barring certain exceptions.

However, an immigrant may face deportation if they violate the terms of their visa, green card or other status. Other grounds for deportation include:

  • Committing marriage fraud
  • Knowingly helping smuggle any alien trying to enter the U.S.
  • Conviction of a crime involving immorality that was committed within five years of residing in the United States
  • Violating travel and documentation restrictions
  • Conviction of child abuse, domestic violence, or child abandonment, at any time after entering the United States
  • Committing human trafficking
  • Conviction of an aggravated felony after entering the United States
  • Conviction for most controlled substances

Even if the immigration authorities believe that the immigrant is deportable, they will not be removed from the country right away. In many cases, the immigrant may defend their case in immigration court. For certain types of deportability, the law may provide legal forgiveness that the immigrant can apply for.

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    Assistance Applying for and Obtaining Green Cards

    Immigration Status

    A green card permits immigrants permanent residence in the United States, which allows them to live and work (lawfully) anywhere in the U.S. and qualify for citizenship after three to five years. While green cards are an important step in naturalization, obtaining a green card can be difficult. Thankfully, no one has to do it on their own. Our immigration attorneys can assist with every part of the process, including determining the appropriate visa program to choose from, filling out all required paperwork and documentation, and preparing for the entrance interview.

    The Green Card Timeline

    Processing times for permanent residency cards can range greatly from a few months to many years, depending on multiple factors, including the type of green card you are applying for and whether you are applying from within the U.S. or outside of it. For spouses, parents, and minor children of United States citizens who are applying for a family-based green card from within the U.S., the wait is currently 12.5 to 22.5 months. If you are applying from within the United States via consular processing, the wait is currently 14 to 15.5 months. However, spouses of current green card holders, other relatives of U.S. citizens, and those who are applying for employment-based green cards typically have a much longer wait that can be up to two years or more.

    Let us help you understand what to expect in your specific situation and advocate strongly on your behalf.

    immigrants charged

    Immigrants Charged With A Criminal Case

    A criminal charge or conviction can be devastating to your immigration case. In some instances it may mean the end of your ability to remain in the United States. Any time that you are facing pending charges or criminal conviction you should consult with an attorney versed both in immigration and criminal defense.

    As record numbers of legal permanent residents and undocumented immigrants are being deported from the United States, many because of previous criminal convictions, it is increasingly important for immigration attorneys and defense attorneys to understand the immigration consequences of criminal convictions. Our team could help protect your rights as an immigrant.

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