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There are many ways an immigrant could enter and remain in the United States according to federal law. In many cases, they might be eligible to eventually naturalize and become a citizen. This process can be long and time-consuming, but for many, it represents a life-long goal.

If you are navigating the immigration process, you do not have to do it alone. A seasoned attorney could assist you or your family members with every aspect of your case. You could benefit from speaking to a DuPage County immigration lawyer about your options, so reach out today to learn more.

Applying for Asylum Protection

Asylum is a protection granted to a foreign national who leaves his or her home country as a refugee, but the protection not easily obtained in this country. Under the law, a person can only obtain asylum if they can prove they have a well-founded fear of persecution in their home country. This persecution must be based on protected factors like nationality, race, or religion.

Unlike other types of immigration, it is only possible to apply for asylum after entering the country. From the date of entry, asylum seekers have one year to apply for asylum through USCIS. A dedicated immigration attorney in DuPage County could help with submitting an asylum application and handling any unforeseen complications.

Family-Based Immigration Explained

One of the most common forms of immigration is family-based immigration. With these cases, a spouse, child, or the other family members of a U.S. citizen or resident could seek permission to immigrate into the United States.

There are different family visa options available depending on the relationship between the applicant and his or her family member. Close family members of citizens are more likely to avoid lengthy delays compared to family members of lawful permanent residents. A DuPage County lawyer could advise what type of family visa might best help an applicant reach his or her immigration goals.

Defending Against Deportation Efforts

Unfortunately, many immigrants who come to the United States end up facing the threat of deportation and removal. There are ways to contest removal, and the right option can vary depending on the circumstances. Some common defense strategies might include:

  • Seeking asylum
  • Pursuing cancellation of removal
  • Seeking adjustment of status
  • Pushing for prosecutorial discretion

When a foreign national faces removal, a tenacious attorney in DuPage County could help with determining the right defense strategy for the circumstances.

Obtaining a Student Visa

It is not unusual for individuals living abroad to further their education in the United States. There are different types of visas available that could allow students to live and study in the country, known as F visas.

There are two different types of F visas that could allow a student to study in the U.S. The F-1 visa allows a person the opportunity to pursue academic studies in the country on a temporary basis. This is not an immigrant visa, meaning it does not provide a pathway to permanent residency.

Meanwhile, an F-2 visa is intended for the dependents of foreign residents that are pursuing their studies on an F-1 visa. This type of visa is available for spouses and minor children. Anyone applying for either form of student visa must also show an ability to support themselves while in the country. A DuPage County immigration attorney could assist with applications for both types of visas.

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Immigration cases are complicated legal matters, and you should not handle them on your own. The failure to seek out legal counsel could put the outcome of your case in jeopardy.

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