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The 2024 First Generation Scholarship 

The attorneys at the Godoy Law Office Immigration Lawyers are passionate about assisting immigrant and refugee families to achieve the American Dream. We understand immigration policies and procedures are complex, and the process can be discouraging to those who are unfamiliar with the United States laws. 

First-generation immigrants and their children face some of the toughest immigration standards in recent history. Immigrants struggle to get on their feet and provide for their families, which is why we want to give back to first-generation immigrants or the child of a first-generation immigrant through The 2024 First Generation Scholarship. We hope to empower first-generation U.S. college students and celebrate their individuality by awarding them $1,000 to continue their education. 

In a 700-1000 word essay, describe your experience as a first-generation citizen. Describe your own personal immigration success story as a first-generation immigrant or the child of a first-generation immigrant. Explain the struggles involved and what lessons the experience of being a first-generation immigrant has taught you.

Scholarship Eligibility

For all students interested in applying for The First Generation Scholarship, applicants must be enrolled in an accredited community college, undergraduate, or graduate program and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. 

Applicants may still apply if awaiting admission or deciding on an institution. However, the selected individual must be enrolled for the Fall of 2024 semester before receiving the financial aid. 

Scholarship Application

To apply for this scholarship, interested candidates should provide the following:

Scholarship Deadline

The deadline to apply for The First Generation Scholarship is December 31, 2024. 

All applications must be submitted by using the submission form below, on or before the deadline to be considered for this award. To be considered, please include your resume, transcript, and essay. 

Thank you for your interest in The 2024 First Generation Scholarship! See previous winners here!

2024 First Generation Scholarship Application Form

Please fill out the form below to submit your application.