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Nearly 10,000 New Citizens Sworn in Over 4th of July Holiday #newUScitizen
Mario A. Godoy

On July 4, the United States celebrated our nation’s 245th birthday of the day the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence in 1...

Have You Been Charged With Domestic Violence?
Mario A. Godoy

If you are accused of spousal abuse or domestic violence in Illinois, it is critical that you contact a critical defense attorney right away. Domestic...

H-1B Lottery Lawsuits Challenge Salary Rules
Mario A. Godoy

Multiple lawsuits targeting H-1B non-immigrant visas for FY2022 have been filed over a new rule to select H-1B applicants based on their salary, inste...

Families Represented by Immigration Attorneys 10X as Likely to Beat Deportation
Mario A. Godoy

A study by the Migration Policy Institute (MPI) found that families that are represented by immigration attorneys are ten times as likely to win asylu...

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