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National Immigrants Day 2021
Mario A. Godoy

The United States of America is known around the globe as the world’s melting pot, and every year on October 28, we celebrate National Immigrant...

Our Oak Brook Office Has Moved!
Mario A. Godoy

It comes with great pleasure to announce that Godoy Law Office moved into a new office this September. Our new office will help fit our growing team. ...

Can I Sponsor My In-Laws For A Green Card?
Mario A. Godoy

I have a Green Card. Can I sponsor my in-laws for a Green Card? Unfortunately, if you are a Legal Permanent Resident – a Green Card Holder ̵...

Famous DACA YouTuber Can’t Reenter US
Mario A. Godoy

YouTube influencer and DACA recipient David Dobrik left the United States for the 1st time since entering at age 6 to travel to Europe a few months ag...

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