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The process of immigrating to the United States has never been simple. Political debates and frequent changes to the law only make this process more challenging. Given the importance of an immigration case, it is vital to seek guidance from an experienced attorney.

Whether you are seeking entry or petitioning to remain in the country, you deserve strong legal representation that will fight for you. A Kane County immigration lawyer could advocate on your behalf throughout every stage of this process, no matter what your immigration goals are.

Understanding the Immigration Process

Immigration law describes the statutes and administration policies that govern how and when foreign residents can enter the country. These laws determine how many non-citizens can enter the United States each year and set out requirements for becoming a lawful permanent resident or citizen.

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services handles most immigration cases. Also known as USCIS, this federal agency reviews millions of applications for citizenship and visas each year. As such, it is critical for any applicant to ensure he or she fulfills every requirement to maximize their chances of approval.

Regardless of the type of case, immigration involves plenty of paperwork. A person seeking a visa must provide all the required documents and sit for an interview as part of the application process. For many people, this process can be overwhelming and confusing, and the amount of time an immigration case can take only makes managing all these requirements more difficult. A knowledgeable attorney in Kane County could guide you through each step of the immigration process and help you meet these challenges.

Resolving Immigration Delays

Applying for a visa or naturalization can take a long time. For some people, the best-case scenario requires months or even years. One of the most frustrating aspects of immigration cases is long, unexplained delays. However, there are also times when the delays associated with immigration are unreasonable.

USCIS is not immune to making mistakes, and it is not uncommon for them to lose or misplace files. In some situations, a case might only get a final answer when a seasoned attorney intervenes. When USCIS makes an error and loses track of a file, an attorney could help get the case back on track and bring to light other issues that might be stalling a decision. For example, USCIS might be waiting for additional documentation from the applicant.

There are other legal options when an attorney cannot resolve an immigration dispute amicably. A writ of mandamus is a type of legal action that can force the government to perform a duty that is already required under the law, including making a decision on an immigration case. A dedicated lawyer in Kane County could ensure an applicant stays on track with his or her immigration application and pursue every possible avenue to speed up receiving a decision.

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It is never in your best interest to delay action in an immigration case. Whether you are considering an application for a green card or disputing deportation, acting right away could improve your chances of a favorable outcome.

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