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Many foreign nationals encounter difficulties navigating the rigorous and unwelcoming immigration system in the United States. For instance, obtaining a green card, facing deportation, or applying for a work-based immigration permit are all common challenges.

If you or an immediate family member needs help with an immigration case, you could benefit from working with experienced legal counsel. A Melrose Park immigration lawyer could assess your circumstances, answer questions, and help you pinpoint the right strategy for your unique case.

Pursuing Green Cards

The pursuit of a green card or visa motivates many people to seek the guidance of an immigration attorney. In many cases, receiving the right visa could be a life-altering event for the applicant as well as their immediate family.

A knowledgeable attorney in Melrose Park can assist with the process of obtaining a green card. Many applications are submitted annually, and in many instances, only a limited number are approved.

Adjusting Legal Status

Meanwhile, someone foreign nationals require assistance with staying in the country after already arriving. For instance, one of the most common issues an attorney could help with is the adjustment of immigration status.

Adjustment of status occurs when a foreign national lawfully requests that USCIS change their immigration status. This frequently involves individuals on a temporary visa requesting a different legal status that allows them to remain in the country long-term. For example, a young immigrant who enters the U.S. with a student visa might later apply for a work visa that allows them to stay in the country longer. A dedicated Lawyer could help with adjusting legal status and meeting one’s immigration goals.

Seeking Asylum

Many foreign nationals come to the United States seeking asylum because they are unable to remain safely in their home country. Asylum allows immigrants to stay in the U.S. to avoid persecution based on everything from the threat of domestic violence to political oppression. To apply for asylum, a person must be present in the United States.

If a foreign national needs help applying for asylum, a compassionate immigration lawyer in Melrose Park could assess their situation and help assemble a compelling petition.

Dealing with Delays

Delays are a common issue in immigration cases due to the high volume of applications filed each year. A Melrose Park immigration attorney could assist in navigating the immigration process while mitigating these delays. For instance, if a delay stems from the high volume of cases handled by USCIS, an attorney may be able to expedite the review process by contacting a local field office.

Meanwhile, some immigration delays occur due to missing documentation or similar issues. If the government lacks the required information, the process cannot proceed. Often, the applicant is not aware of the missing documentation. Hiring a legal representative can help ensure that all necessary documents are provided to USCIS for review in a timely manner.

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The immigration process can be long, drawn out, and challenging under the best circumstances. Some people might have to wait years before they finally achieve their goals.

Thankfully, a Melrose Park immigration lawyer could help during every stage of that process. If you need assistance with applying for a green card, fighting deportation, understanding the right type of visa to pursue, or seeking asylum, our legal team is here to help. Contact us right away for a confidential consultation.

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