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It is never easy to navigate the immigration system in the United States. Whether you are seeking a visa, fighting deportation, or petitioning for a loved one to join you in the country, you may face many obstacles along the way.

An experienced immigration attorney could guide you through this legal process while answering any questions you might have about requirements and your legal rights. With seasoned legal counsel, you could increase your chances of receiving a favorable outcome to your case. Let a Cicero immigration lawyer get to work for you now.

Obtaining a Visa

Many foreign residents desire to establish permanent residency in another country. Securing a visa allows someone to live and work legally in the United States. However, because there is such a high demand for these visas, federal agencies that process these applications accept a limited quantity of visa applications every year. To maximize chances of federal agencies approving a visa, applicants must ensure they meet all legal requirements.

Federal agencies also evaluate visa applicants according to various criteria beyond these requirements. For an applicant to increase their chances of success, he or she should provide evidence demonstrating why they qualify as a high-preference applicant in the appropriate visa category. Some circumstances may require someone else, like an employer or family member, to initiate the visa application process by submitting a petition. A reliable Cicero lawyer who has experience in immigration law could help avoid issues throughout the application process that could potentially lead to delays or denials.

The Risk of Deportation

For many immigrants, the threat of deportation and removal from the United States is a worst-case scenario. Deportation can separate families and threaten the sources of financial support they depend on to survive.

One of the most common issues that could result in removal from the country is a conviction for felonies or other serious criminal offenses. A violation of immigration law could also result in deportation, even when a criminal act has not been committed. For instance, leaving or re-entering the country in a way not authorized by one’s current legal status could subject an immigrant to removal. A skilled Cicero immigration attorney could help defend against deportation to try and keep your family together.

Avoiding Delays in the Immigration Process

Delays are not uncommon during the immigration process, especially for anyone seeking a visa to enter or remain in the United States. The visa system is overloaded, and cases are occasionally misplaced or overlooked. While some delays are expected, unreasonable delays can be challenging to face while waiting for something so important. In these cases, a proactive attorney could contact the local USCIS office to ensure there are no obstacles to a final decision.

When contacting USCIS is not successful, there are also other options available. An immigration lawyer in Cicero could help file a writ of mandamus requiring a government agency to perform a duty they are required to do by law. This legal action could help urge the USCIS to make a decision on an immigration application sooner rather than later.

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A variety of statutes, policies, and executive orders govern U.S. immigration laws. These laws can change frequently based on slight political shifts, making things even more difficult for immigrants in this country to achieve the status and rights they deserve.

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