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Anyone attempting to navigate the immigration system needs guidance. This is true for everyone, from individuals to multinational companies. Navigating these ever-changing set of legal regulations can be challenging without the help of a seasoned immigration attorney.

If you are pursuing a green card or concerned about deportation, you could benefit from the guidance of a Berwyn immigration lawyer. Relying on legal counsel could put you in a position to obtain the case result you deserve.

Work Visas

Many of the people that come to the United States do so with the intention of making a living. These individuals typically enter the United States on a work visa, which allows them to live and work in the country.

There are different types of work visas. Some work permits are only available to residents of “treaty counties,” which are nations that have existing immigration treaties with the U.S. Other work visas are reserved for individuals with specific training or extraordinary skill.

It is important for anyone considering employment in the United States to discuss their immigration options with a dedicated Berwyn attorney. Our legal team could provide guidance on the best type of work visa to pursue for one’s circumstances.

Family Visas

Not all visas are granted on the basis of employment. For many people, the best chance of securing lawful permanent residency within the United States is through family-based immigration. As the name suggests, a family visa is awarded to family members of U.S. citizens and permanent residents.

There are two paths for family-based immigration, and these paths are based on the relationship the applicant has with his or her sponsor. Immediate family members have preference, and there is no limit on the number of these visas issued to these groups each year. However, non-immediate family members face a longer application process. The process for them can take years due to yearly limitations on the number of visas awarded. A dedicated Berwyn lawyer could answer questions and help streamline the immigration process for family-based visas.

Hiring an Attorney

Not everyone that goes through the immigration process hires an attorney. Many assume the process is straightforward and can be handled without the guidance of professionals. This approach is risky, as even a minor error could result in significant delays or risk an application denial.

Hiring an attorney might not be required, but it is a good idea for anyone dealing with immigration issues. Relying on the guidance of an attorney could save an applicant significant time they would otherwise need to use researching immigration law. Additionally, this area of the law is complicated and difficult to pick up for most people acting as their own attorneys.

Furthermore, immigration law is constantly changing. Any information acquired on the internet, for instance, might be outdated. Some sources could provide incorrect or incomplete guidance. An attorney in Berwyn could give an applicant the best chance at achieving his or her immigration goals in the while avoiding major pitfalls.

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