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Each year, many foreign residents seek to immigrate to the United States. This large number of applicants can overwhelm the agents working for the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Due to the volume of paperwork to sort through, some applicants going through this process face lengthy delays.

Some delays are to be expected. However, patience has its limits, and you have the right to a decision in your immigration case. When you are dealing with an unreasonable delay, a skilled immigration attorney might be able to help. A Berwyn immigration delay lawyer from our firm could assist you with determining the cause of the delay and securing a final answer in an immigration case.

Why Do Immigration Delays Happen?

When USCIS receives applications, they are required by law to hear them in the order they are received. This creates a lengthy queue for applicants that can take months or even years to resolve.

Some delays are due to simple administrative errors. Because there are so many cases, files might get lost in the shuffle. An agent might forget to check in on a case and leave it sitting idle for months or longer. Thankfully, this is also the easiest type of delay to resolve.

Other delays are related to poor communication. For example, USCIS might have a reasonable need for additional documentation from the applicant. However, if they never reach out to ask for that documentation, the case will remain in limbo. Thankfully, an immigration delay attorney in Berwyn could work with USCIS to provide any needed documentation.

How a Lawyer Could Help With an Immigration Delay

There are many situations where a Berwyn immigration delay attorney could get a final decision from USCIS by making contact with the government agency. In situations where the delay comes from an administrative error, this kind of contact could quickly bring the delay to an end. Contacting USCIS on your behalf could also help if the government is waiting for additional documentation. Your attorney could advise you of what is missing and assist you with obtaining those necessary documents.

The Writ of Mandamus

Resolving immigration delays amicably is often possible. However, for situations where it is not, a writ of mandamus becomes the best option remaining. A writ of mandamus is a type of lawsuit that requires the government to perform a certain official duty as required by law. Under these specific circumstances, a writ of mandamus can require USCIS to reach a decision on a visa application or green card application.

While these writs can make USCIS reach a decision, be aware it does not require them to rule in your favor. It is entirely possible to succeed on a writ of mandamus only to have your application denied. The good news is that USCIS cannot retaliate against you for filing a writ.

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