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The process of obtaining a visa from the U.S. government can be long and challenging. There are many different types of visas, with different eligibility requirements and application processes for each one.

You deserve legal counsel that understands how to help you navigate obtaining a visa. Thankfully, a Berwyn visa lawyer could advise you on the potential issues you might face along the way. It could be in your best interest to discuss your options with a practiced immigration attorney.

Types of Visas

There are many different types of visas under federal law. Visas generally fall into two broad categories: immigrant and nonimmigrant. Within these categories are a large number of specific types of visas that are available to foreign residents.

Immigrant Visas

A person seeking to eventually immigrate to the United States permanently could meet that goal through an immigrant visa. It is important to understand these types of visas, as not every category offers an applicant a path to lawful permanent residency or citizenship.

The most common type of immigrant visa involves family connections. For instance, there are a number of family-based visas that offer a pathway to citizenship, including visas for the spouses of citizens or lawful permanent residents.

Certain types of employment-based visas are also an option. For example, certain professionals with advanced degrees or investors could pursue a special permit that enables long-term immigration to the U.S.

Nonimmigrant Visas

Conversely, nonimmigrant visas do not provide a path to citizenship. These visas are intended to provide short-term access to the country for specific purposes. Many nonimmigrant visas are for travel or education. Others are for employment on a temporary basis. What each of these non-immigrant visas has in common is that they all allow a non-resident to come to the country and accomplish a short-term goal. A dedicated attorney in Berwyn could help you decide whether an immigrant or non-immigrant visa would be ideal for your circumstances.

Possible Complications with Acquiring a Visa

Pursuing a visa is not always a smooth process. The reality is that visa applications are frequently denied every day. Many of the mistakes that result in denial are entirely avoidable. For example, a common error is applying for the wrong type of visa. There are dozens of types of visas, and most of them will not be the right fit in a given situation. An attorney could help an immigrant chose the right permit for his or her circumstances.

Meanwhile, some denials occur because of underlying issues that render a foreign national unqualified. For instance, criminal conviction or a previous violation of immigration law could disqualify an immigrant from obtaining a visa. Other visas are rejected when applicants cannot show they are able to support themselves financially when they reach the United States.

Thankfully, you could avoid many of these pitfalls by working with a dedicated visa lawyer in Berwyn. Our legal team could assess the strength of your application and ensure you do not encounter any unnecessary roadblocks.

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