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Any process or application involving immigration law can be challenging to navigate alone. Even when you understand the current statutes and requirements for immigration, administrative decisions and political changes could affect a case at any time.

If you or your family face immigration issues, now is the time to speak to an attorney. From obtaining a visa to fighting deportation, a Will County immigration lawyer could provide the guidance you need to achieve your desired outcome.

Providing Support Throughout the Entire Immigration Process

There are many different types of immigration cases, and our firm treats each kind equally. One person might seek to enter the country to live or work here for the first time, while a foreign national who already lives here temporarily might want to adjust his or her legal status to stay permanently.

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, or USCIS, processes and investigates every application for citizenship and immigration. Given the enormous volume of these requests, it is not unusual for a case to take months or years. Due to delays and this complexity, support from an immigration lawyer in Will County could be the difference between a successful outcome and rejection from USCIS. Our legal team could help with:

  • Sponsoring prospective immigrant employers
  • Securing a family-based visa
  • Applying for naturalization
  • Seeking asylum
  • Adjusting immigration status
  • Complying with I-9 requirements
  • Seeking refugee status

An attorney could assist with every aspect of an immigration case, from the beginning of the application until a decision is made. If delays become unreasonable, effective legal counsel might also be able to address them. While a favorable outcome is never guaranteed, an attorney could work with USCIS to ensure the agency makes a decision in a reasonable amount of time.

Defending Against Deportation

In some situations, the guidance of a Will County immigration attorney is invaluable for avoiding deportation and remaining in the country. Deportation proceedings can begin for several reasons, most often when someone violates immigration law and lives or works in the country without the appropriate legal status. Immigrants currently living in the country may also be subject to deportation. For example, a criminal arrest and conviction could lead to immigrants with valid visas facing deportation. Despite the seriousness of these proceedings, they can also be initiated by mistake due to administrative errors.

No matter the circumstance, facing deportation can be a scary and overwhelming experience. A seasoned attorney could help build a defense for someone facing removal from the country. In some situations, an attorney could argue that a call for deportation is unreasonable or unjust. It is never a good idea to assume deportation proceedings will be successful without first speaking to a legal representative who can fight for you and your loved ones.

Call a Will County Immigration Attorney Right Away

Whether you are trying to enter the country or find a way to stay, the outcome of immigration cases can have consequences that impact an entire family. Given the high stakes, you should never go through the immigration process alone.

Our experienced legal team is here to help you face any challenges and persist until you hear a final decision. Reach out to a Will County immigration lawyer right away to get started with your case.

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