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It is no secret that securing lawful permanent residency in the United States is far from easy. The process of obtaining LPR status is often quite confusing and convoluted. There are some common obstacles to obtaining LPR status in Wheaton if you or a family member is preparing to apply for a green card. An immigration attorney can explain what your options are and assist you through the process of applying for lawful permanent residency.

Overview of Lawful Permanent Residency Status

Obtaining LPR status is also known as receiving a green card. When a person obtains a green card, this means that they can reside and seek gainful employment in the country permanently. Once someone has held lawful permanent residency for five years, they can apply for citizenship. Depending on the situation, the wait time to apply for citizenship can be shortened. To receive lawful permanent residency status, the U.S. government needs to have already issued the applicant a visa.

There are some additional benefits associated with lawful permanent residency status besides the ability to live and work in the country without restrictions. In certain cases, a lawful permanent resident is able to sponsor close relatives pursuing a green card.

There are certain circumstances that can terminate someone’s lawful permanent residency status. For instance, if a green card holder moves to another country and applies for residency there, they can forfeit their LPR status in the U.S.

Common Issues that Arise When Applying for LPR in Wheaton

One common obstacle that can prevent an applicant from securing LPR status to live in Wheaton is when they have a criminal record. Of course, there are many applicants who could encounter issues trying to obtain LPR status and have no criminal record whatsoever.

For example, there are certain health criteria imposed by U.S. immigration law that must be met before a green card can be issued. These include being free of diseases like tuberculosis and having current immunizations. If someone does not meet the health criteria for LPR status, they may face LPR denial. The applicant might be able to petition for a waiver when they are denied a green card, but appeals are only available in specific cases.

One of the most frustrating obstacles for an individual obtaining LPR status may be through no fault of their own, but due to the system itself. Some green card applicants wait for years before receiving LPR status, simply because they are so many other applicants in line ahead of them. Not only that, but certain individuals pursuing LPR status are subject to legally mandated quotas on the maximum number of visas to be issued per year in their applicant category. For instance, there is a set cap on the green cards issued to family preference immigrants per annum.

Sometimes, a mistake on a green card application can pose a threat to the individual’s potential green card status. This is why it is often best to hire an experienced attorney who could help an applicant avoid the common errors that may adversely impact the outcome of their case or assist with appealing a green card denial.

A Wheaton Attorney Could Help You Navigate the Obstacles to Obtaining LPR Status

The obstacles to obtaining LPR status in Wheaton should not stop you from exploring your immigration options. A skilled immigration lawyer could assess what challenges may arise for you when you file for a green card and examine available solutions. To consult with an attorney, call the office today and ask to speak with a member of our legal team about your case.

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