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Thanks to the Violence Against Women Act, any woman who is not currently a U.S. citizen or lawful resident may be eligible to seek protection from the domestic violence she experienced within U.S. borders. However, an applicant must provide substantial documentation about the mistreatment she suffered and extensive information about her background for a successful case.

There are numerous VAWA application forms in Wheaton that you must complete during the application process, but legal counsel could help you keep track of them. A compassionate immigration attorney could offer the guidance you might need to ensure your application is as comprehensive and airtight as possible.

How Can Someone Begin the VAWA Application?

The primary document behind any application for U.S. asylum under the VAWA program is Form I-360, the “Petition for Amerasian, Widow(er), or Special Immigrant.” The spouses and children of abusive U.S. lawful permanent residents can begin the application process by submitting this form.

Part 1 of the Form I-360 asks for identifying information about the petitioning individual. Meanwhile part 2 asks the petitioner to specify what eligibility category she fits into, which for individuals seeking protection under the VAWA would be Category I, J, or K. Thankfully, a VAWA petitioner can provide an alternate mailing address if she does not want the person abusing them to receive USCIS notices about their application. If a woman wishes to do this, she must provide personal information in the third and fourth sections of the document.

Finally, a VAWA applicant must complete Part 10 of Form I-360 by providing information about her history with their abuser, including when she married them (if applicable), when she last lived with them, and the address where the two last lived together. A diligent Wheaton attorney could provide irreplaceable assistance with gathering all the necessary information for a VAWA application.

Other Important Components of a VAWA Application

The USCIS Vermont Service Center is solely responsible for processing all I-360 documents filed by VAWA applicants. It is important for anyone considering this program to realize that the Service Center in St. Albans, Vermont, has been decommissioned and is no longer receiving applications as of June 14, 2021. Instead, VAWA applicants in Wheaton should send relevant documents to the new Vermont Service Center at 30 River Road, Essex Junction, VT 05479.

Individuals with approved VAWA petitions are also eligible to seek lawful permanent resident status through Form I-485 or employment authorization through Form I-765. Furthermore, the abused spouse of a current U.S. citizen is immediately eligible for Green Cards if she receives a favorable adjudication on her VAWA application. These survivors should consider submitting Form I-360 and Form I-485 at the same time. A knowledgeable legal representative in Wheaton could offer more situation-specific information about what forms should accompany someone’s initial VAWA application.

A Wheaton Attorney Could Help with VAWA Application Forms

Applying for assistance through the VAWA program can be a uniquely complex process, especially if you are still living with your abuser while you file your application. However, navigating VAWA application forms in Wheaton could be much easier with the support of a well-practiced attorney who has helped countless individuals like you.

A legal team could answer questions and address any concerns about the application process during a private consultation. Call today to schedule yours.

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