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A person’s formal immigration status is key to determining their rights under United States laws. This could affect a variety of areas in a person’s life, ranging from whether he or she is able to receive government benefits, to if he or she could serve in the United States’ military.

There are many questions that people could ask to determine a person’s immigration status. These include whether people are a United States citizen, how they came to be in the country, and if they have any family connections to the United States. It is critical to receive answers to these questions to determine if there is any threat of arrest or deportation.

Seeking the help of an attorney in Wheaton could help in determining a person’s immigration status. A lawyer could help to gather information about a person’s rights under the law and recommend the next steps to reduce the chances of deportation.

How Can Citizenship or Legal Permanent Residence Act as a First Line of Defense Against Deportation?

The primary fear in people’s minds concerning immigration status is the possibility of arrest and deportation. The first line of defense against this possibility is obtaining proof of American citizenship or legal permanent residence status.

People could achieve citizenship in many ways. The first is proving a birth in the United States. A copy of a birth certificate could verify this claim. People could also obtain citizenship by passing the citizenship test. Finally, citizenship could be the product of a parent’s immigration status. Having a parent with U.S. citizenship could automatically confer citizenship on a child.

Similarly, having legal permanent residence, or a green card as it is commonly called is another shield against deportation. It is essential that these people carry their formal identifications at all times and to remember that most forms of green cards require recertification every ten years. Determining a person’s status as a U.S. citizen or green card holder is an essential first step in establishing immigration rights.

Do Visa Holders Have a Right to Reside in the United States?

The other class of people who may reside legally in the United States is visa holders. These people may be in the U.S. on either a temporary or permanent basis and should look to their individual visa terms to determine this status.

The USCIS may issue these visas for a number of reasons that include:

  • Employment
  • Family unification
  • Asylum
  • Education
  • Being the victim of a violent crime
  • Performing a role as an investor or international trader

Visa holders must be able to produce proof of their presence in the United States upon demand. Furthermore, visa holders must remain aware of the limitations of their visa. For example, a student in university cannot attempt to obtain a job without obtaining permission from the USCIS. Determining the immigration status of people in Wheaton could, therefore, require a close reading of the terms on a visa.

It Is Essential that All People Understand Their Immigration Status in Wheaton

A person’s immigration status plays a major role in his or her life in the United States. People who entered the country illegally or are now in the U.S. on an expired visa are subject to arrest and deportation without notice. To avoid this outcome, it is necessary to be able to prove one’s immigration status at any time.

Green card holders should take care to have their formal identification with them at all times. Lastly, visa holders should also carry identification and be sure to follow all terms contained in their visa.

A lawyer in Wheaton could help to determine your immigration status. They could then provide advice on how to apply for a change in status, how to request a visa renewal, or work to defend against potential deportation proceedings. Contact an attorney today to evaluate your options.

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