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Regardless of how you intend to legally enter the United States, you will need to meet several qualifying criteria to be eligible for particular visas. Additionally, there are certain conditions that may make you ineligible to legally enter the U.S. regardless of your other qualifications or needs.

Fortunately, it is possible to pursue exemption waivers that negate certain inadmissible conditions, but these waivers can be difficult to obtain and are not available under all circumstances. If you have questions about inadmissibility and immigration status in Wheaton, it could be wise to schedule a conversation with an experienced lawyer.

What Could Make Someone Inadmissible to the United States?

Although the specific reasons why someone may be considered inadmissible to the U.S. as a legal immigrant change slightly from year to year, grounds for inadmissibility generally fall in a few categories, including:

  • Health concerns, such as failing to receive certain vaccinations, contraction of a communicable disease, or a history of drug abuse
  • A history of criminal convictions for offenses like drug trafficking, prostitution, money laundering, human trafficking, and any crime considered to be one of “moral turpitude”
  • Perceived threats to national security
  • Likelihood that an immigrant will end up dependent on the government in order to survive
  • Negative impact on the U.S. labor market, including the likelihood that an immigrant will take jobs that U.S. citizens are equally qualified for
  • Fraud during the visa application process
  • A history of prior violations of U.S. immigration law and/or removal based on such violations

There are a few additional miscellaneous grounds for inadmissibility that may apply in very specific situations. An immigration attorney in the area could provide further clarity about each of these categories of inadmissibility, as well as inform an individual on any issues that may impede a prospective immigrant’s application process.

Contesting Inadmissibility with Help from Wheaton Legal Counsel

Depending on the circumstances, a declaration of inadmissibility is not necessarily an end to an immigrant’s hopes of entering the United States. These verdicts are not permanent or may be the result of a miscommunication or mistake. For example, a doctor may have misdiagnosed a prospective immigrant with a communicable disease, or a mere criminal allegation may have been misconstrued as a conviction.

Additionally, certain visa applicants in Wheaton are not bound by certain types of inadmissibility. For instance, if someone applies for asylum or refugee status, the fact that they entered the United States unlawfully in order to escape persecution would not make them automatically inadmissible and would generally not have an effect on their immigration status.

What Evidence is Needed to Contest Inadmissibility?

Effectively pursuing and receiving a waiver of inadmissibility can require a great deal of exculpatory evidence, and the process of appealing inadmissibility can be lengthy and complex. Assistance from a local immigration lawyer could be a necessity for anyone seeking to challenge their inadmissibility under current U.S. immigration law and continue pursuing legal entry to or residence in the United States.

A Wheaton Attorney Could Explain How Inadmissibility May Impact Immigration Status

Especially in recent years, U.S. immigration authorities have been strict about potential immigrants following proper procedures in the visa application process, and have stringently enforced grounds of inadmissibility set out by U.S. law. If you are found inadmissible for any reason, you may need to take quick and decisive action to preserve your chances of obtaining a valid visa.

A seasoned immigration lawyer could help you understand how inadmissibility and immigration status may impact your particular case. Get in touch today to discuss your circumstances with a qualified legal professional.

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