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Immigration attorneys at the Godoy Law Office are dedicated to helping individuals and families through the United States immigration process. Immigrating to the United States is a huge decision and often involves navigating through complicated immigration laws. Attorneys at the Godoy Law Office understand leaving your home and moving somewhere completely new can be daunting.

As immigration attorneys, our team at Godoy Law Office works hard to help our neighbors better integrate into the Lombard community. Through our work, we see how difficult it can be for our new neighbors to adjust to their new homes, so we wanted to do something to encourage others to help immigrants feel welcome in their community. To do this, we started the Helpful Neighbor Nomination to award one person $300 that has taken the initiative to help their fellow neighbors in the Lombard community.

We are excited to announce Rob Siedenburg as the winner of our 2021 Helpful Neighbor Nomination! Rob was nominated for his countless hours working with Iglesia Nueva Esperanza, a local Hispanic ministry. He served for nine years as the church’s first president, and he now serves as financial secretary and liaison to other ministries. Continue reading to learn more about Rob and his work in the community! Check back soon for more information on next year’s giveaway.

2021 Helpful Neighbor Nomination Winner: Rob Siedenburg

Rob Siedenburg is 76 years old and lives in Champaign with Mary, his wife of 22 years. He has one son and one granddaughter. He has spent time as a soldier, park ranger, dairy farmer, welding instructor, mechanic, and world traveler throughout his life. In 2010, Rob walked across Illinois (305 miles) to honor veterans and service members. Shortly after that, he accepted an appointment as an advanced academic writing instructor at the University of Illinois, a position he still holds. Rob authored the Glossary of Publishing Terms and has edited, ghost-written, and indexed numerous books. He copyedits and writes for the PrimeLife Times, a NAMPA free paper published monthly in Champaign, Illinois, by the Great News Media Group.

Here is what Rob had to say when he found out he was selected as our winner: “I was taken by complete surprise by the phone call telling me I had won this award. I am humbled and honored by it. I didn’t know this award existed, and I had no idea I had been nominated.”

2020 Helpful Neighbor Nomination Winner: Michael Melarkey

Reaction Statement:

Wow. I am blown away. I am shocked I was nominated and shocked by winning the Helpful Neighbor Nomination! I know plenty of people in the community are doing great things, and it’s an honor to be in that same grouping. It takes an entire community to make a change, and I’m glad I am a part of it!

As we all know, there is a pandemic going on along with social injustice. Times have been hard for everyone, especially people of color. I was tired of sitting in the back seat and not standing up for something I believe in; equality. I went to Madison Meadows Park in Lombard, set up a lemonade stand, and raised $1,200 for Color of Change! I could not have done it without the help of all my friends for showing up and staying with me until it started to get dark out. Some people could not make it to the lemonade stand, so with the help of technology, people from all across the United States were donating to this cause. From Hawaii to West Virginia, people wanted to help raise money for COC. I am so proud of the outcome. I am so proud of everyone in the community who came out and wanted to fight social injustice.

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