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The unfortunate reality about the immigration process is that delays can happen. While applying for an immigration status could take time under the best circumstances, some delays are unreasonably long.

If this happens, a dedicated immigration attorney could take steps to get the process moving. Help from an immigration attorney could be what you need to secure a favorable case outcome. Let a Lombard immigration delay lawyer help address these frustrating circumstances on your behalf.

How Delays Happen During Immigration

There are many different complications that could delay the immigration process, and a knowledgeable attorney in Lombard could help tackle any of them. Some setbacks are unavoidable and stem from the complexity of the system. Unfortunately, in other cases, a potential immigrant could likely have worked to prevent a delay.

It is also possible that the agency tasked with hearing an immigration case may have contributed to a delay. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) faces a lengthy backlog, which could slow down even the most compelling case. USCIS could even delay a case indefinitely if an application gets lost or forgotten.

Other delays are unavoidable. This is especially true for immigration cases with lengthy wait times. When assessing a new case, our legal team could determine whether a delay is reasonable and outline the best way to resolve a long wait.

How Might a Lawyer Resolve an Immigration Delay?

One of the ways a lawyer in Lombard could assist with an immigration delay is by assessing the situation and determining the best first steps. One of the most common remedies for combatting a delay is a suit known as a writ of mandamus. If that does not seem like an ideal option, an individual could choose to file a Petition for Hearing on his or her immigration application.

Writ of Mandamus

One of the best tools for resolving an unreasonable delay is through an action known as a writ of mandamus. This legal option has many potential uses. The main goal of the writ is to force the government to perform a task required by law. Regarding immigration cases, this typically means reaching a final decision on an application.

Petition for Hearing

While powerful, it is key to understand that filing a Petition for Hearing is not always an option. The law reserves these petitions for immigration cases near completion and does not recommend pursuing them outside of that. Specifically, this option could be helpful for applicants who have completed their immigration interview but have not received a decision after 120 days.

Resolving a Delay Will Not Impact Your Final Immigration Decision

It is also key to recognize that if an attorney resolves a delay in an immigration case, that outcome will not impact the final decision at all. The government will not consider the delay or how they settled it when coming to a final decision.

Instead, the government evaluates immigration cases on the merits. Whether there was a delay or not, USCIS must carefully review and determine if a case met the requirements set out in the law. Thankfully, during the process or resolving a delay, a skilled attorney in Lombard could also push for a favorable outcome on an immigration application.

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Any delay during the immigration process could be frustrating. Thankfully, you could take steps to address these delays and obtain a decision in your case. Contacting legal counsel is one of the most crucial steps you can take toward receiving a decision. Reach out to a Lombard immigration delay lawyer today.

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