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Nothing is more important than family, and familial connections can be especially crucial when you move to a new country that you have never lived in before. Sponsorship by a family member already living in the United States is one of the most common ways that people immigrate. Millions of people every year file applications for family visas with U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS).

Unfortunately, even a small error in your application or failure to follow USCIS procedures could mean a substantial delay in your immigration plans or even an outright rejection of your petition. If you want the best chance of obtaining a positive result from this complicated and confusing process, you should prioritize talking to and retaining a skilled Lombard family immigration lawyer. A dedicated immigration attorney could take charge of your case and fight for the results you deserve.

How Family Members Can Sponsor Immigration

An individual is eligible to sponsor certain family members for immigration to the U.S. if they are a citizen, Green Card holder, or asylee or refugee admitted within the previous two years. All people within these categories may represent their spouse and any unmarried child younger than 21. Green Card holders may additionally sponsor unmarried children of any age, and citizens may support unmarried or married children over 21 as well as parents, siblings, and fiancé(e)s.

Anyone hoping to sponsor a family member must begin an immigrant visa application process on the prospective foreign national’s behalf by completing and filing Form I-130. A sponsor must also submit an Affidavit of Support affirming that he or she accepts financial responsibility for a prospective immigrant until that person completes 40 quarters of work or becomes a citizen. This form also indicates that a supporting resident will reimburse the federal government for any means-tested public benefits an immigrant receives and meets certain financial requirements for sponsorship.

For their part, prospective immigrants must complete Form I-485 or go through consular processing if they are currently outside the U.S. They will then go through biometrics screening and a visa interview. A knowledgeable attorney in Lombard could explain the preference category process, which determines different wait times based on a sponsor’s immigration status and family relationship to a foreign national.

Bringing a Marital Partner into the United States

Current citizens may sponsor their fiancé(e) for immigration to the U.S. and can get married by applying for a K-1 visa on their behalf. If prospective K-1 visa recipients have children, they can immigrate with them, provided a sponsor applies for and receives K-2 permits.

Individuals married outside the U.S. may sponsor their spouses and children for K-3 and K-4 visas, respectively. A practiced lawyer in Lombard could discuss these unique visas and additional requirements involved in the family immigration application process.

A Lombard Family Immigration Attorney Could Help

Immigrating permanently to the U.S. is a huge decision, as is sponsoring a family member’s immigration here. In both cases, assistance from seasoned legal counsel could be vital to protecting your rights and effectively pursuing the best possible resolution to your interactions with USCIS.

Speaking with a Lombard family immigration lawyer could be essential for anyone looking to understand and utilize his or her rights. Reach out today to schedule a meeting.

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