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While people from countries participating in the Visa Waiver Program can enter the United States for short periods of time without a visa, most foreign nationals who want to travel here for any reason will need a visa to do so lawfully. However, the type of visa you need can vary from person to person, based on your specific reason for visiting and whether you want to immigrate here permanently.

Guidance from a Lombard visa lawyer could be vital to ensuring that you apply for the correct visa and do not have any mistakes in your application. Whether you want to live here permanently or visit for a short time, a seasoned immigration attorney’s assistance could significantly speed up your application process and increase your odds of getting a positive final result.

How to Apply for a Non-Immigrant Visa

There are dozens of unique visas that U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services provides to people visiting the U.S. on a short-term basis, each tailored to a specific reason for visiting. While different visas may require applicants to submit different forms of documentation and other proof of eligibility, most follow the same basic application procedures. A knowledgeable Lombard attorney could explain the documents and information necessary when applying for a visa.

Most non-immigrant visa applicants start by filling out and submitting Form DS-160 online, along with any other information required for a particular permit. Once USCIS processes this form, many applicants must undergo a visa interview at their nearest U.S. Consulate or Embassy and pay an application fee.

Who Is Eligible for Immigrant Visas?

Compared to non-immigrant visas, the application process for immigrant visas takes much longer and requires much more from prospective immigrants to establish eligibility. Most notably, applicants must have a sponsor to start the application process. Generally, this sponsor is a prospective U.S.-based employer or a family member who already has citizenship or Legal Permanent Resident status. There are some exceptions for certain criteria, though. For instance, applicants seeking refugee status and asylum can sponsor their own application for an immigrant visa.

Once eligibility is established through sponsorship or some other means, a prospective immigrant must fill out an online Form DS-260, submit civil documents proving he or she meets the criteria for a visa, and complete a visa interview in his or her country of origin. Many applicants will need to complete biometrics screening, though UCIS does not strictly require screening for every petitioner.

Immigrant visas are generally available in limited quantities each year. They can take months—if not years—to process, even if there are no mistakes in an application. Support from a capable lawyer in Lombard can be crucial to getting through the visa process successfully and efficiently.

Consider Working with a Lombard Visa Attorney

Figuring out what kind of visa you need can be a complicated process. Guidance from experienced legal counsel could be important to avoid lengthy processing delays and boost your odds of getting a desired verdict from USCIS.

A Lombard visa lawyer could answer any questions that you have and offer preliminary guidance about how to go about pursuing the permit you need. Call today to schedule a meeting.


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