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Each year, countless foreign residents enter the United States hoping to become legal permanent residents. Of course, securing this status is easier said than done. Several necessary steps must happen before U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) approves an application, and a seasoned immigration attorney could assist with each of them.

If you are considering applying for legal permanent resident status, now is the time to start. Applying for legal permanent resident (LPR) status in Lombard could be challenging without a dedicated green card attorney to guide you.

Applying for LPR Status

In Lombard, different steps go into applying for legal permanent resident status. For most foreign residents, this process begins with securing sponsorship. A sponsor could be an American citizen or lawful permanent resident, depending on the relationship between a representative and an applicant. This sponsor could also be a prospective employer if an applicant is coming to the U.S. for work purposes.

With a sponsor in place, the next step is filing an application with USCIS. An airtight immigration application must include supporting documents substantiating a case for LPR eligibility.

Once an individual submits an LPR application, USCIS will review the documentation and request additional information like biometrics data and the results of a medical exam. Before USCIS grants an application, there must be an interview. Once an individual completes these steps, USCIS makes a final decision.

Adjustment of Status and Consular Processing

There are two different approaches to applying for LPR status. The correct approach depends on whether an applicant is already in the United States or is applying from his or her country of residence.

Some individuals file applications for LPR status when they are already in the country. A person often does this when living temporarily in the U.S. and hoto obtain the right to remain indefinitely. These parties rely on a method known as adjustment of status. The application process does not require an applicant to leave the country.

The process is different for applicants not living in the U.S. In these cases, they go through something known as consular processing. The steps are the same, but the required interview usually occurs at the U.S. consulate or embassy in a foreign national’s home country. A knowledgeable attorney in Lombard could help anyone applying for legal permanent residency, regardless of whether they need to pursue an adjustment of status or navigate consular processing.

Roadblocks when Applying for LPR Status

Situations could arise that put an application for LPR status in jeopardy. Federal law requires applicants to meet specific eligibility requirements before securing this status. Some of the factors that could render an applicant inadmissible for LPR status include:

  • An existing criminal record
  • Being a national security risk
  • Having serious health problems that could put the general public at risk
  • Being a drain on public resources
  • Committing fraud

Before applying for legal permanent resident status, it is essential to reach out to legal counsel in Lombard. An attorney could provide insight into the factors that might result in a denied application for LPR protection.

Call an Attorney Before Applying for Legal Permanent Resident Status in Lombard

If you are considering an application for LPR status, now is the right time to seek out legal counsel. There are numerous situations where a mistake on the application could make LPR status unlikely. By working with a dedicated legal representative, you could be successful with applying for legal permanent residence in Lombard. Call today to start your application process.


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