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The asylum system offers residents of foreign countries who are facing persecution an opportunity to live safely in the United States. Countless individuals come to this country each year through the asylum program, with the hope of residing safely in the U.S.

While the asylum system provides a solution to persecution, is important for you to realize not everyone who applies has their petition granted. In fact, denials are common when it comes to asylum petitions. Given these high stakes, it is important to rely on an experienced immigration attorney when pursuing a claim for asylum. Before you file an application on your own, consider discussing your case with a Berwyn asylum lawyer.

Qualifying for Asylum

Not everyone that comes to the United States meets the eligibility requirements for asylum. To qualify, a person must face persecution in his or her home country based on a specific set of criteria. The factors that could entitle someone to apply for asylum include:

  • Religion
  • Race
  • Nationality
  • Membership in certain social groups
  • Political views

Specifically, an applicant must prove that his or her risk of persecution is real. Demonstrating these elements might involve showing one previously suffered persecution or has a reasonable, well-founded fear of abuse if they are forced to return to their country of origin.

How Can an Attorney Help?

It is crucial for asylum applicants to understand that working with a dedicated Berwyn attorney maximizes the chances of a positive case outcome. The asylum process is complex, and it frequently requires a deep understanding of immigration law. Pursuing asylum without legal help can have serious consequences.

Submitting the Right Paperwork

Applying for asylum involves paperwork, and the government require extensive information about an applicant before they consider a claim. For that reason, having an attorney to prepare and review an asylum application could improve the chances of success.

Navigating the Hearing Process

Another situation where legal guidance is valuable is during asylum hearings. Like many immigration cases, the asylum process often requires attending multiple court appearances. These appointments often play a major role in the outcome of an asylum case, so working with an attorney to prepare is crucial. Legal representation could help an asylum applicant understand what to expect from each stage of the court process.

Bringing Family Members to the U.S.

Asylum petitions are often about more than just the applicant. Many people seeking asylum also apply on behalf of their immediate family, including their spouse and children. This can add extra challenges that must be resolved during the process. An attorney could help ensure that an asylum applicant’s family has a fighting chance of getting the immigration permits they need.

Avoiding Deportation After a Denied Claim

Finally, there are situations where immigrants seeking asylum have their applications denied. This is a worst-case scenario for some, as it often leads to deportation and removal proceedings. For anyone that raised an asylum claim as a defense in a deportation case, their removal from the country could be imminent. Fortunately, a dedicated Berwyn lawyer could assess the reason for denial and help an immigrant retain his or her right to remain in the U.S.

Call a Berwyn Asylum Attorney as Soon as Possible.

A positive outcome in an asylum case is often a life-changing event for the applicant and his or her family. If you are considering an asylum application, give yourself the best shot at success by working with an attorney that understands this process. Reach out to a Berwyn asylum lawyer today to learn more. During your initial consultation, our legal team can assess your situation, offer personalized guidance, and answer questions you have about next steps.

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