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There are too many people across the country trying to interfere with our constitutional right to keep and bear arms. At Godoy Law Office, we don’t stand for that. We are a skilled legal team of gun charge attorneys in Chicago that believes in upholding your constitutional rights. We will fight to protect you and defend you against a range of criminal charges involving the unlawful use of a weapon (UUW), or impacting your ability to possess or buy firearms or ammunition in Illinois.

The complicated UUW laws can make it all too easy to stumble into a very serious criminal charge. At Godoy Law Office, many of our firm’s clients carry a weapon to protect their safety. Our clients often face charges for illegal possession of a gun not because they were consciously breaking the law, but rather because they were inadvertently in violation of the law. This includes people charged after police pulled them over and spotted a gun in their car.

We Help Clients Retain Full Rights To Own A Gun

We represent clients facing a range of criminal charges and other issues involving guns, including:

  • Health care professionals who are afraid of how a gun charge will affect their professional license. A conviction can lead to loss of license, ability to prescribe medication and other collateral consequences.
  • People previously convicted of a felony and facing UUW charges. A previous felony conviction raises a weapons charge to a felony level with a potential consequence of one to three years in prison.
  • Individuals with FOID cards revoked due to orders of protection being issued against them. Our firm can assist clients in addressing domestic violence charges, defending against orders of protection and working to get their FOID cards reinstated.
  • Clients looking to appeal unconstitutional gun convictions. The Firearm Concealed Carry Act became law in July 2013, and Illinois citizens became eligible to apply for conceal and carry permits in January 2014. The passage of this law made select gun charges unconstitutional.

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