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Generally, when people think of judges, they often are thinking of the judges they see in Judicial branch courts. In our federal government we have three separate branches of government.

The Executive branch which contains the President, Vice President, and other officers. The Executive Branch executes the nation’s laws. This branch of government includes the Attorney General and Department of Justice.

The Legislative branch which is composed of Congress. Congress includes The House of Representatives and The U.S. Senate. The Legislature enacts the nations laws by statute.

The Judicial branch which is composed of the US Supreme Court, the lower federal courts, and its Judges. These are sometimes called “Article 3 courts” since they were established by article 3 of the US Constitution. The judicial branch interprets the Constitution and the laws enacted by Congress. 

Immigration Court is formally known as the Executive Office of Immigration Review. This is a department within the Department of Justice. Immigration Judges are appointment by the Attorney General and are not federal judicial branch judges.

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