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For some people, immigration processes are simply a matter of waiting for the United States Customs and Immigration Services (USCIS) to process their application. However, others are not so fortunate and experience significant delays in their requests for green cards or changes to their immigration statuses. These delays could be for a variety of reasons and could keep people in a dangerous situation or with uncertainty about their futures.

A Naperville immigration delay lawyer could help keep an immigration petition moving through the USCIS, identify the reason for a delay, and take the necessary steps to move your application once more. Reach out to a lawyer today.

Why Might an Immigration Petition Experience a Delay?

The USCIS is a bloated and complex bureaucratic institution. Every year, they receive hundreds of thousands of petitions from people looking to legally live in the United States, to come into the country to work, or to simply change their current immigration status. For people who are looking to achieve any of these goals, dealing with the USCIS could be a frustrating and confusing process.

Perhaps the most common reason for an immigration delay is a lack of clear information on an immigration petition. Any immigration paperwork must contain vital information, such as:

  • Current residents
  • Current work situation
  • Information about family members
  • The reasons for the application

Inaccurate or incomplete information in any of these areas often leads to a significant delay while USCIS performs an investigation into the matter. False information could even lead to a denial of a petition or the starting of deportation proceedings.

Another reason for a delay may be a natural process involved in the immigration laws. Especially when people are applying for a permanent residency, there are quotas that limit how many people could enter the country for specific purposes. As a result, another delay might occur while people wait in line to have their petitions heard.

Finally, administrative errors are another common reason for an immigration petition to be delayed. In rare cases, the USCIS may misclassify a file or not move it along when required. A Naperville immigration delay lawyer could help to identify the reasons for a delay and to take the necessary steps to keep the petition moving forward.

How Could a Naperville Immigration Delay Lawyer Help?

Few experiences in life are as frustrating and potentially dangerous as experiencing a delay in immigration services. Thankfully, working with a Naperville immigration delay lawyer could help to set a case back on the right track.

In situations where a delay is due to an error on an application, an attorney could help to identify the error and provide additional evidence to clear up any confusion. A lawyer could also work towards investigating the cause of a delay due to administrative error. By understanding the relevant laws and combining it with a knowledge of the inner workings of the USCIS, a Naperville immigration lawyer could help to identify when an administrative error has occurred and to file petitions through the proper channels to demand a remedy.

Speak to a Knowledgeable Attorney in Naperville about Immigration Delays

An unexpected delay in an immigration petition could create a devastating impact on your life. You may be left unable to work, apart from your family, and even face a threat of deportation if a petition faces an unexpected delay.

These delays could happen for a variety of reasons, not all of which are your fault. Delays due to a lack of proper information are not necessarily the death of a petition, and a Naperville immigration delay attorney could help clarify any mistakes or omissions. When the delay is the result of an administrative error, an attorney could work to identify the source and to get your claim back on the right track. Contact a Naperville immigration delay attorney today to schedule an appointment to discuss your case.

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