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Determining immigration status in Naperville could be surprisingly difficult because of the complexity of U.S. immigration law. To discern whether an individual qualifies for immigration or citizenship requires analysis of several factors and an understanding of eligibility rules. In addition, determining the status of an immigration application or petition also requires familiarity with the process and the agencies involved.

Many people find it beneficial to consult an Naperville determining immigration status lawyer for help with the process. An immigration lawyer with experience determining immigration status could provide answers and advice to help you move forward and reach your goals. En Español.

Some Citizens Are Not Aware of Their Status

In many situations, the initial analysis of immigration status concerns questions involving citizenship and naturalization. Some people are U.S. citizens but are not aware of their status. For instance, those born in the U.S. or U.S. territories are considered citizens even if their parents are not and regardless of whether they spent much time in the U.S.

Moreover, those born outside the U.S. may become citizens through the process of acquisition if their parents or grandparents were citizens. If a child under the age of 18 was living with a parent who became naturalized as a citizen, the child also becomes a citizen through the process of derivation if the child had a green card at the time. Because of the numerous intricacies of immigration statuses, it may behoove people concerned with their status to consult a determining immigration status lawyer in Naperville.

Documents That May Affect Status in Naperville

When determining an individual’s immigration status, it is helpful to evaluate documents that the individual either currently possesses or possessed at one point in time. Important documents include:

  • Green card – A green card or permanent resident card gives the holder status as a lawful permanent resident eligible to live and work in the U.S. indefinitely unless the holder violates the terms of the visa or commits certain crimes.
  • Work permit – Codes on a work permit, also known as an Employment Authorization Card, provide information about the status of the holder of the permit
  • Marriage certificate – An individual who is married to a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident is eligible to apply to become a lawful permanent resident, but the marriage does not automatically confer a type of immigration status
  • Visas – Often represented as a sticker or other writing placed inside a passport, a visa may grant entry for a limited period for a specific purpose or allow permanent residence as an immigrant visa. If an individual has status as a refugee or other special status, that may be noted on a visa.

Most non-citizens of the U.S. need a visa to stay in the U.S. for a substantial period without violating immigration law. However, some exceptions and waivers may be available depending on circumstances. Determining those extenuating circumstances could be made easier with the help of a determining immigration status attorney in Naperville.

Determining the Status of Immigration Proceedings in Naperville

The process of immigration involves several federal agencies, numerous stages, and long processing times. So, it could be problematic to determine the status of a petition for immigration, application for a visa, or results of naturalization proceedings.

People in Naperville often find it useful to ask an experienced immigration lawyer to investigate to determine whether a delay is due to backlog or due to a factor which should be addressed. For instance, the status of a visa application could be in limbo because a Request for Evidence has not been sufficiently fulfilled.

Contact a Determining Immigration Status Lawyer in Naperville for Help

Immigration status has a tremendous impact on the ability to live and work in the U.S. Some people are afraid to ask questions about immigration status for fear of causing difficulties. However, it is wise to take steps to ascertain status and discover options for changing immigration status if necessary.

A Naperville determining immigration status lawyer could provide information to answer your questions and investigate to determine available actions to help you reach your goals. To learn more about how an immigration status lawyer could assist in your situation, call now.

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