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Cancellation of removal is a type of deportation defense that one could file for if they find themselves in removal proceedings. There are two types of cancellation of removal. The first type is cancellation of removal for legal permanent residents where you must be a permanent resident to apply. Any other immigrant may apply for cancellation of removal and adjustment of status for certain non-legal permanent residents. The main goal of this type of defense is to avoid deportation. A grant of non-LPR cancellation of removal will also lead to the immigrant acquiring a green card.

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Things to Know about Cancellation of Removal

The first thing people should know about a cancellation of removal proceeding is that it is a one-time grant in their lifetime. They could not be granted another cancellation of removal if they again find themselves in removal proceedings to be removed from the United States. Individuals should also know that there are two types of cancellation of removal and each has its own eligibility requirements.  Lastly, people should understand that there are different strategies in defending someone who has a green card verses an immigrant without any legal status.

Considering the severity of these types of cases, people facing deportation should speak with an attorney for help with applying for cancellation of removal proceedings and to learn about what they could do to increase the likelihood of obtaining a positive result.

Deadline for Applying for Cancellation of Removal

Individuals should keep in mind that immigration judges set deadlines for applying for cancellation of removal. When applying for cancellation, an individual should consider all other removal defenses that they have available to them if they are in removal proceedings. Often, a judge will set aside deadlines for when the application and additional evidence are due. At a minimum an individual should expect to turn in all evidence they want considered at least 15 days prior to his or her individual court date unless otherwise instructed by an immigration judge. An individual should also make sure to file their cancellation of removal application and filing fee with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services prior to the individual hearing that determines whether they will be removed from the United States.

Importance of Having an Attorney for a Cancellation of removal

An immigration attorney is important when applying for cancellation of removal because there are many different moving parts of an application. There are filings that need to be made with USCIS with the immigration courts. There also needs to be proof that the individual is eligible for that defense, not just on paper, but through a hearing with their testimony. An attorney is invaluable in helping them prepare all filings and prepare for their final hearing.

If you are currently facing deportation and would like help with avoiding deportation, contact an attorney for help with applying for cancellation of removal in Aurora. Doing so could not only have a positive impact on your case, but on the lives of you and your loved ones as well. Schedule a consultation today to learn more.

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