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The process for legal permanent resident (LPR) cancellation of removal in Aurora begins when someone is found removable from the United States, indicating a judge sustained the removability charge and the notice to appear. An immigration judge decides whether to grant cancellation of removal.

After receiving that notice, you could be unsure of what the next step is to stay in the United States. This is why hiring a dedicated immigration attorney to be your advocate could be a great idea for approaching the cancellation process.

What is the Process for LPR Cancellation of Removal?

The notice to appear is the document that the government files to start the removal proceedings. When an individual receives a notice to appear, it means that a judge has found that they are removable and have summoned them to appear in court. Once a judge finds an immigrant removable, they would ask the respondent or their lawyer to identify any reason that they should not be removed from the United States. This is when an individual would want to identify that they are seeking to file for LPR cancellation of removal in Aurora.

This request will then need to be filed with the immigration courts on form EOIR-41A. Those forms are also sent to the Texas Service Center to show that the fee has been paid. Once that is complete, the applicant would need to prepare for their individual hearing. They need to prepare all individual hearing filings, and not only the forms that are required by the immigration court practice manual, but also ones that the applicant is unsure whether that particular judge will want, just to be sure.

Finally, they would go to their individual hearing where they would present their documentary evidence, testify, and be cross-examined by the government and the immigration judge. If the applicant is represented by an attorney, they would have the advantage of having a knowledgeable advocate on their side, fighting for their case, and making arguments in favor of a grant of LPR cancellation of removal.

Timeline for Cancellation of Removal for LPR

How long the cancellation of removal for LPR process takes in Aurora and elsewhere depends on how quickly an applicant can put together the information and pay the filing fee. However, it also depends on the immigration judge and what their court calendar looks like.

This is where working with a local immigration representative who is familiar with the judges becomes an advantage. They would know what paperwork the judge is looking for and can identify that the applicant is eligible for cancellation of removal early on so that they could go to court with their applications ready and prepared to file, speeding up the process.

What Should a Lawful Permanent Resident Know about Cancellation of Removal Proceedings?

A lawful permanent resident should know that cancellation of removal proceedings is a one-time grant. They cannot be granted this again. They should also know that they need to determine if they are going to challenge the grounds of removal in Aurora, as there may be an opportunity to win the immigration case without having to file for cancellation of removal. Finally, they should be aware that as a green card holder, they have a better opportunity of remaining in the United States than visa holders.

Hire an Attorney to Guide the Process for LPR Cancellation of Removal in Aurora

If you have received a notice to appear for your removal, you should take advantage of every type of defense that is available to you by hiring an immigration legal advisor in your area. They could ensure that you are putting your best foot forward because this could be your one chance to avoid being removed from the United States.

A lawyer could make sure that, going into the final hearing, all of your paperwork is in order, and you can fight being removed from the United States confidently. An immigration attorney could also help guide the process for LPR cancellation of removal in Aurora to your benefit. Call today to get started.

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