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In its fiscal year 2018 report, ICE stated that its initial detention facility bookings, in cooperative efforts with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), have increased by 22.5 percent compared to 2017. Moreover, ICE made more than 9,200 administrative arrests in Chicago last year for various reasons.

It may be imperative for individuals who have been the subject of immigration detention in Aurora to get the help of a hard-working attorney immediately. While being detained may seem to be the worst-case scenario, a well-practiced immigration lawyer could still review your rights and fight for you. En Español.

What are the Detention Laws in Aurora?

Title 8 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) contains many laws concerning nationality and immigration. 8 Code of Federal Regulations §§236.1 through 236.18, in particular, relate to the apprehension and detention of inadmissible and deportable aliens, and if warranted, their removal. As an example, §236.1 describes the circumstances necessary for apprehension, custody, and detention. It also contains lawful procedures that could be conducted after these events occur.

Rationales for Extended Detention

Immigration detention in Aurora is managed and overseen by ICE’s Office of Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO). A report by the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of the Inspector General stated that funding issues have limited the number of beds in detention centers. Consequently, ERO prioritizes extended detention periods for:

  • Aliens that the Immigration and Naturalization Act requires ERO to detain
  • Those who pose a risk to public safety if released
  • Persons at risk of absconding

Do Detainees have the Option of Being Released on Bond?

Immigration detainees in Aurora may have an option to be released on bond before or after their bond hearing. Released individuals would have certain conditions of payment and supervision placed upon them, as per 8 CFR §241.5(a). An immigration attorney could assist you with the facilitation of these processes.

Detention Facility Locator

The ICE website offers a detention facility locator through which individuals may search for facts and contact information about a particular facility by either zip code or facility name. There are several different facilities in the Aurora area which may be used to house ICE detainees.

McHenry County Adult Correction Facility

While this building is located in Woodstock and does not allow incoming calls directly to a resident, family members may call the main number for information. Visitation for female detainees is allowed on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, and visitation hours for male residents take place daily during posted hours.

Pulaski County Detention Center/Tri-County Justice and Detention Center

Often referred to as the Tri-County Justice and Detention Center, Pulaski County Detention Center is a large structure for immigrant detainment in Ullin. Its visiting hours for friends and family occur on weekends. Consular visits and meetings with lawyers can be scheduled by calling the facility.

Jefferson County Justice Center

Jefferson County Justice Center is operated in Mt. Vernon. Detainees who are being removed from the United States after living at the justice center may bring one piece of luggage or have their luggage delivered after getting the approval of the Supervisory Deportation Officer. An immigration detention attorney in the Aurora area might be able to assist you with this endeavor.

Contact a Lawyer for Assistance with Immigration Detention in Aurora

A qualified immigration detention attorney could help detainees and their loved ones maneuver through the numerous regulations that relate to this area of law. Should you require information or need assistance with detention issues, it may be beneficial to contact a legal representative who is knowledgeable about Aurora immigration detention sooner rather than later.

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